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Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Dubai - do you have any info?
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Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Dubai - do you have any info?

I am a sufferer of a relatively mild case of Ulcerative Colitis, seeking information on the availability and cost of both treatment and medication when I am in Dubai, as I am moving there in the near future. I have been receiving treatment for 16 years and have the condition under control apart from the usual 3-4 times a year flare-up, which requires some time off work and an increase in meds.

In Australia, I need to see a General Practitioner once a year, who refers me to see a Specialist Gastroenteroligist who provides me with prescriptions for Sulfasalazine and also Pantoprazole which I take for reflux.

I also have a colonoscopy once every one or two years to check the status of my condition, depending on the frequency and severity of flare ups I am experiencing.

My new employer will give me health insurance, however pre existing conditions incur a waiting period, which will include my ulcerative colitis and reflux.

I have not been able to find any information on treatment for ulcerative colitis in Dubai, and was hoping someone could provide me with the following information so that I may begin planning for what I may need to do when I arrive in Dubai:

• Do I need a referral to visit to commence treatment and acquisition of prescriptions for my medication
• Can you advise whether the following medications are available in Dubai, and provide an indicative cost for each:
o   Sulfasalazine for my ulcerative colitis (I currently take 1500mg twice a day)
o   Pantoprazole for my reflux (I currently take 40mg a day)
• I will be bringing a letter from my doctor, as well as my medical records with me. Is there any other documentation required by medical professionals in Dubai before I can receive treatment for ulcerative colitis?

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated, as I am quite anxious about this element of my move.

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Hi there!

-Yes, a referral would be better than beginning to see a gastroenterologist for the first time.
-Yes, these are primary medications and should be available.
-Medical records and referral letter would suffice, though it would be better if your doctor could make a personal call, after you have selected a gastroenterologist, in case the new doctor needs further information.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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