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What can I eat???!!!
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What can I eat???!!!

I'm so aggravated because my insurance refuses to pay for me to see a dietitian or nutritionist and I'm still trying to figure out what I can and can't eat. Some things are more obvious than others. I know, for instance, that if I eat anything fried I will definitely regret it. I also know that some milk products give me bad stomaches, like milk and ice cream, although I can eat yogurt.I guess I can't eat salads very well but I love them so I will eat them once in awhile, then get a stomache and diarrhea afterwards. Last night I ate a Veggie Delite sandwich from Subways and have been having major stomaches and diarrhea all day. Does this mean I can never eat raw veggies again?! But I love raw veggies and salads and stuff. I hate this! :(
I also love whole grain breads and usually have a piece of toast in the morning with coffee or tea but I get a little bit of a stomache afterwards. So, I'm trying to figure out if it's the bread, the coffee or what.
I don't know what to eat anymore!! I can't seem to eat the foods I love! I hate this! :( What in the world CAN I eat?!
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Hi April.  Usuallly a doctor will have you eat a low residue diet when your disease is active.  You can often return to a more normal diet when in remission but there may always be foods that bother you.  Ensure you take a good multi-vitamin as well.  If dairy bothers you either reduce the amount or take Lacteeze tablets for lactorse intolerance.  Here is a bit of info on the low residue diet.  Good luck!

A low residue diet is a diet designed to reduce the frequency and volume of stools while prolonging intestinal transit time. It is similar to a low fiber diet, but typically includes restrictions on foods that increase bowel activity, such as milk and milk products and prune juice. A low residue diet typically contains less than 10-15 grams of fiber per day. Long term use of this diet, with its reduced intake of fruits and vegetables may not provide required amounts of vitamin C, calcium, and folic acid.

Contents [hide]
1 General guidelines
2 Foods to include
3 Foods to avoid
4 Conditions that may require a low residue diet
5 See also
6 References
7 External links

[edit] General guidelines

Foods to include:
White bread, refined pasta and cereals, and white rice
Limited servings of canned or well-cooked vegetables that do not include skins
Moderate fresh fruits without peels or seeds, certain canned or well-cooked fruits
Tender, ground, and well cooked meat, fish, eggs, and poultry
Milk and yogurt (usually limited to 2 cups per day), mild cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese
Butter, mayonnaise, vegetable oils, margarine, plain gravies and dressings
Broth and strained soups from allowed foods
Pulp free, strained, or clear juices

Foods to avoid:
Whole grain breads and pastas, corn bread or muffins, products made with whole grain products, or bran
Strong cheeses, yogurt containing fruit skins or seeds
Raw vegetables, except lettuce and other leaves
Tough meat, meat with gristle
Crunchy peanut butter
Millet, buckwheat, flax, oatmeal
Dried beans, peas, and legumes
Dried fruits, berries, other fruits with skin or seeds
Chocolate with Cocoa Powder (white chocolate has no fiber)
Food containing whole coconut
Juices with pulp
Highly spiced food and dressings, pepper, hot sauces
Nuts and Seeds

Conditions that may require a low residue diet:
1st & 2nd stages of labour
Pre- and post- abdominal or intestinal surgery
Bowel inflammation
Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis
Radiation therapy to the pelvis and lower bowel
Preparation for and participation in space flight (as per the Space toilet)
Preparation for a colonoscopy
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Thanks Trudie. I started to look this up and was discouraged as it's all foods I don't like. I don't like white bread, pasta & rice. I have always eaten wheat, whole grain, etc., even as a kid and had my kids do the same thinking it's better for them, you know?
I guess, from my understanding, you're just supposed to eat this low residue diet when you're having a flare up? But unless I've been having a flare up for a long time, I've been having a lot of this stuff bothering me for quite some time, really since they first diagnosed me, I think. They told me I was in remission after my surgery almost 2 years ago.
Some days do seem worse than others, but I do seem to get stomaches every day. I've just learned to usually ignore a lot of it when they're not that bad. I only pay attention when it gets real bad or the diarrhea gets real bad. Sigh. I hate this.
I'm in the process of getting a referral to another gastro doctor but that could take a month or longer. I know I probably need to see one but I really have been dreading it because I know they'll probably want to do another colonoscopy and/or endoscopy. And we know how fun that is!
Thanks again, Trudie for posting the diet.
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Yes, it is for during a flare up but otherwise when not flaring I would try removing all the possible offenders and doing the elimination diet to see what bothers you otherwise.  Are you on any meds to help maintain?  Once you are on a good regime (sp) of meds it should help you to control better.  
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April- You mentioned that you had a stomach ache after eating bread. I am wondering if the gluten could be affecting you.

I am already lactose intolerant, so I drink lactaid milk and cut back on other dairy, except cheese is my weakness.

I have been wondering if I am Gluten intolerant now too. I can't say I notice too much of a difference when I do cut back, but when I go for my GI appt. next week, I am going to have them give me a blood test to determine if I am gluten intolerant. I have been buying some gluten free items at the store, and some things you really cannot notice a difference. FInding gluten free bread is hard though. I do miss that a little :(

Trudie- Thanks for posting that list! I have been finding that I have had to cut way back on fiber. I used to be the fiber queen, I ate raisin bran every morning. SInce my diagnosis, I realize that some of these food do bother me, and so I have cut back on fiber, whole grains, nuts, etc. I miss popcorn, but that goes right through me :(
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Yea! I saw my doctor today and asked for some referrals. He's going to refer me to a nutritionist, finally! Maybe this person can work with me to come up with a diet plan that will work for me. I hope so!

bops, I was tested a couple of years ago for Celiac so I guess I don't have that. I like cheese too, unfortunately. I do drink more soy milk now since I don't do well with regular.

See, I've heard conflicting things about the fiber. I've heard you're supposed to go low fiber but then when I was looking stuff up on Crohns at my local health food store it suggested taking some fiber. I don't know. I hear different things.
Let us know how you're appointment with your GI doc goes, ok? TTYL!
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I am starting to believe our problem starts with Digestion!

Papaya Enzyme and Garlic have me back to normal except for farting now and then!

I'll be adding some apple cider vinegar and doing some other stuff to see if my stomach is producing enough HCL to completely digest my food....This could be why I pass so much gas.

Cayenne pepper is supposed to be good for Inflammation and pain too since many use it for Neuropathy and Rheumatoid arthritis.   It is probably best to start out with a small amount in a glass of water maybe 1/8 of a teaspoon...Appearantly it kills Prostate cancer so do a Search on Hot peppers and prostate cancer.  Find it next to black pepper!
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I've been to several dietitians over the past couple of years. They always recommend staying away from anything raw or with seeds. Also, if you were to cook broccoli, don't eat the stems. Anything wheat is out as well.

As for pasta, bowtie pasta is what was recommended. She said it was easier to digest. You can add tofu or salmon to it.

I get really sick when I eat meat, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. But if you eat chicken, make sure it's chicken breast as it's more tender.

Of all the dietary drinks I've tried, I like Nestle Breeze Orange Flavor the best. I had it a  couple of times while in the hospital. You have to order it online. It tastes so much better than Boost and Ensure.

Good luck! If you're in college they probably have a nutritionist you can take to at the University Health Center and it's free (included in tuition).
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Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't even eat much yesterday or today and I've been running to the bathroom. Everything's going right through me. I don't know what's going on. It's just getting tiresome. Hopefully, it really is just something I ate and it will blow over soon. Thanks again.
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