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A Joke... my link is useless.
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This is a place where we can discuss current events - what happens around the world and is reported in the news. Healthy debates and discussions regarding issues we feel strongly about will be allowed; however, personal attacks will not be tolerated, nor will threads and/or comments that are argumentative, combative, or offensive. You *must* post a link to your source, or indicate if you heard it on TV, read a magazine/newspaper article, and indicate what radio/TV station, magazine/newspaper or your thread will be deleted. Remember, this is "Current Events", not "Current Arguments".

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A Joke... my link is useless.


The President of the United States walks into a branch of the Bank of America to cash a check.  As he approaches the available teller with numerous Secret Service personnel in tow, the clerk says, "Good Morning, welcome to the Bank of America.  How can I help you?"

The President:  Yes ma'am.  I'd like to cash my pay check.
The clerk:  I need to see your ID, please>
The President:  Uhm, I am the President of the United States.
The clerk:  I honestly believe you sir, but with the Dodd/Frank legislation and all of the other rules and regulations, I really need to see an ID before I can cash that check.
The President:  Look, I forgot my wallet in the Oval Office.  My ID is in that wallet.  Ask anyone in the bank who I am and they can vouch for me.
The clerk:  I'm sorry sir, I need an ID or some other way to truly identify yourself.  The other day Tiger Woods walked in without his ID.  He went out to his car, grabbed a pitching wedge and chipped a shot over that desk, off the wall, off the water cooler and into a coffee cup on the floor... first try.  Another time, Andre Aggassi walked in to cash a check without his ID.  He went out to his car, grabbed a new tennis racket and managed to hit a lob shot that bounced off of the deer head hanging the the bank's presidents office, back down the stairs and it landed in my cup.  Is there anything like that that you can do?
The President:  Wow, those 2 athletes are impressive.  Let me see.  I golf, but I don't know any tricks.  I have played tennis, but I no Andre Aggassi either.  Maybe.... Uhm.... Gosh, I just can't think of one skill that I can exhibit that would prove who I am.

The clerk:  Would that be large or small bills, Mr. President?
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He should have scribbled a note saying - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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