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BIG DEBATE....The "Royal Prank Call"...DJ's held accountable for suicide?

Most everyone has heard this news story by now...the aussie DJ's pranked called nurses at the hospital where Kate was being treated for hyperemesis.  The day after the story became worldwide news, with clips of the calls being played, the one nurse was found dead by apparent suicide.

People are saying the DJs should be criminally charged, I think that's crazy.  For one, no one was inside that woman's head to know what all led her to take her own life.  NO names (of the nurses) were released until after she was found dead, so it's not even like she had been identified.

Now, the DJs definitely broke some broadcasting rules, including not being allowed to tape someone without their knowledge and permission...but their higher ups also approved the airing of the prank.  So, how much should they be held accountable for?  Should they lose their jobs?  Be held criminally responsible for the nurse's death?

I personally think there should be some kind of disciplinary action at their job, but not necessarily termination.  After all, the hospital did not have a protocal in place to address this kind of thing...with a high profile patient like that, there should have definitely been some safegaurds in place, and the hospital has admitted that...they weren't planning any kind of disciplinary action against either of the nurses.

As sad and tragic as this is, her decision to commit suicide was her own.  I just cannot see holding the DJs responsible for that.  The DJs were interviewed, and the female was sobbing, devastated.  Of course they never meant for anything to come out of it, other than some laughs, which initially, is exactly what happened.  It was even reported that the royal family got a kick out of it.

I would love to hear what you all think...this is a huge debate on media outlets worldwide.
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The employer who gave the okay imo should be held accountable for whatever laws they broke but as far as being held accountable for this woman's death? The had no intent of doing harm to anyone physically. Yeah, I think that is a stretch and I still say for this woman to commit suicide over this tells she was already not real stable imo. I think there must have been some contributing factors that maybe we will never know about. I think if the djs had thought for one second that someone would be harmed like this they wouldn't have done it. Stupid yes, malicious, no. Should they be terminated? Not if they had higher ups authority and approval to do it. But the higher up should be.
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I agree with you Teko.  You said exactly what I think, no further comments needed from me!
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The hoax was not in good taste, however, these two Aussie deejays shouldn't be held accountable for this woman's suicide.  Who knows what this woman was going through already BEFORE this hoax?  The hoax might have just been the "straw" that broke the camel's back.  This hospital is as just as much to blame.  They NEED to rethink their protocol and retrain their staff about how to handle these situation appropriately.  If she wasn't sure what to do she should have put the person on hold and consulted with her supervisor.  When in doubt.......give the situation to your supervisor.  I always did and still do.  

They should be held accountable for any laws broken in regards to their hoax.  

Even if they didn't lose their jobs, how could someone really continue with their show after this happened?  

I wish people would just find more positive things to do instead of doing all these silly, ridiculous radio/tv shows.  
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Well said....teko and Londres,.  that's where I'm at too.  They should be accountable for the broadcasting rules that they broke, and that's about it.

I wish people would just find more positive things to do instead of doing all these silly, ridiculous radio/tv shows.   .

I agree, but unfortunately lots of people are listening/watching...that's why they keep going!

Hey, I have to admit, I thought the prank was very funny.  Mostly because the accent and the things being said were so obviously BAD...it was funny.  Heck, the other DJ was barking in the background...supposed to be the Queen's dog.  The DJs said over and over (before the suicide) they NEVER expected to get through...they were shocked.

Londres, I also agree that this was probably just the "last straw" for this woman...it put her over the edge.  She must have had other issues going on.
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The prank lacked tact and taste, but the DJ's themselves cannot be held responsible.  There was something wrong with this woman.  He job undoubtedly has more stress than most of us will ever have to think about.  This may have been the icing on the cake, but it was not the reason for her suicide.
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