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House Passes Bill Against the Use of Restraints in School? Opinions?
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House Passes Bill Against the Use of Restraints in School? Opinions?

I understand there is some concern about further government regulations in general. I myself would tend to believe that when schools overstep the boundaries of parents and take action against students that is not just discipline but potential physical abuse that should be outlawed but people might have their own concerns. This site appears in support of it and it is from the Republican legislature:
This is the text of the bill itself:
Since some people may have children who could be affected or know people who are I thought I would post this and people could decide what their opinion is.
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I don't have any children, but I thought most of this stuff was already law.  I know I wouldn't want a teacher handcuffing my child.

Minimum Standards Required:  The bill would require the Secretary to promulgate regulations establishing minimum standards on the use of seclusion and restraint practices.  The minimum standards would include the following:

•Prohibiting school personnel from imposing on any student mechanical restraints, chemical restraints, physical restraint or physical situation that restricts breathing, or aversive behavioral interventions that compromise health and safety.
•Prohibiting school personnel from imposing physical restraint or seclusion on a student unless: (1) the student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student or others; (2) if less restrictive interventions would be ineffective in stopping physical injury; (3) if physical restraint or seclusion is imposed by an aide who is familiar with the student (someone who "continuously monitors the student face-to-face"); and (4) if such physical restraint or seclusion is imposed by trained and State-certified school personnel, or other school personnel in the case of an emergency.  
•Ensuring a sufficient number of State-certified trained personnel to meet the needs of the specific student population in each school.
•Prohibiting the inclusion of restraint or seclusion as a planned intervention in a student's individualized education plan (IEP), but allowing local education agencies (LEAs) or schools to establish policies for use of physical restraint or seclusion in school safety or crisis plans, provided that they are not specific to any individual student.
•Requirement for reporting after an incident to the parent of the student involved with an immediate verbal or electronic communication, and written notification within 24-hours of the incident.
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And we thought it cruel to spank them huh? I remember how it used to be when a teacher could teach, and had the right to control the classroom. It was called corporal punishment and then we banned it, remember? Since we have taken the control out of the home and out of the school, these little darlings know that no one can touch em or they scream child abuse. However, tasing them, restraining them, handcuffing them, and treating them like they are criminals in not abusive? I say go back to spanking they behind, hold the parents accountable for little johnnies actions, allow mom and dad to discipline little johnny and quit acting so darn stupid about it all. By the way, the child abusers are still abusing.
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