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Intruder Attacks Elderly Woman With a Club. Her Husband Responds W/ a R...
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Intruder Attacks Elderly Woman With a Club. Her Husband Responds W/ a Revolver


Police say a Pennsylvania business owner fatally shot an intruder after the man attacked the business owner's wife with a club.

Sylvia and Alfred Armen were working in the music store they own, CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA reports, when the suspect came in and looked at some of the merchandise.  He reportedly left for a few minutes, then came back with a wooden club.

Without delay, he allegedly struck Sylvia in the head, before "Mr. Armen came to her rescue," Bethel Park Police Chief John Mackey said.

The Armens are both in their seventies.
Music Store Owner Shoots Assailant After He Attacks Wife With a Club in PennsylvaniaArmen's Music Store

(Photo: KDKA-TV)

Alfred reportedly engaged in a physical struggle with the assailant before fatally shooting him with a revolver.

Authorities aren't saying whether the couple knew the suspect, but he is described as a white male in his early thirties.

Sylvia and Alfred were both hospitalized for their injuries, but are expected to be alright.

"I think they're in pretty decent shape considering what occurred here today," Mackey described.

Police have not released a motive for the suspect.

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That's what he gets...IDIOT....
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That is what he gets!  I really dislike people who prey upon the elderly.  Turns out that this gentleman was ready and prepared to protect his wife.  I hope they are both all right.
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This story made me think of "The Untouchables", where Malone says:

"Now isn't that just like a wop, brings a knife to a gunfight!"

Serves the idiot right. As Brice said... "I really dislike people who prey upon the elderly". DITTO.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.
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