'KKK leader' vows mass rally over renaming of Confederate-themed parks

"The renaming of three Confederate-themed parks in Memphis has spurred foes — including a purported Ku Klux Klan leader known as the “Exalted Cyclops” — to lash out against what they say are attempts to erase history. Others, however, maintain such symbols and monuments represent racism and have to go.

Forrest Park for years has stirred up emotions. It contains the grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate cavalry leader who traded slaves before the war and went on to become the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, the infamous hate group that carried out a merciless campaign of lynchings, church fires and other terror against African Americans as well as other immigrant groups.

During the war, troops under Forrest's command notoriously were accused of slaughtering Federal black troops after the Battle of Fort Pillow. The "Fort Pillow Massacre" became a rallying cry for the Union, according to historians......"

I say keep the park but make sure it contains an accurate account of the atrocities this person was responsible for. Maybe limit admission to those over 18. Rub people's noses in it the way the Allies made Germans tour the concentration camps after WWII to show them the horrors they were complicit in.
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I hate to come across like I’m supporting the KKK. The fact is, I live maybe 10 minutes from the parish line where David Duke is from and I have friends in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile Alabama, where the KKK is supposed to be the strongest. I truly believe, the only place The Klan is thriving at is the Media.

That said, one of my Pet Peeves is Re-Writing or Distorting History (this includes omitting facts). It doesn’t matter that some people find things offensive. It’s still History.

“I say keep the park but make sure it contains an accurate account of the atrocities this person was responsible for”
This I agree with but also include,

“Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party's Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s”.

http://www.history.com/topics/ku-klux-klan   (Sorry but that one was just to good to pass up, LOL)

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Ya know I loath the KKK and everything they stand for, but I am all for preserving history. I mean, it happened! It is what it is and we should never forget or try to erase that fact. How can you celebrate milestones when you do away with how it used to be and how far we have come, and the constant reminder to never ever let it happen again? Maybe I have a strange outlook.
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