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More BS Regarding the Cliff
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More BS Regarding the Cliff


House Republicans are privately contemplating a quiet surrender in the fight over Bush tax rates for top earners, and a quick pivot to a new fight over raising the debt limit, in which they'd demand steep cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security.

The White House's official position on this plan is: cram it. Officials say they will not negotiate, or pay a ransom. Congress has to raise the debt limit, period.

"I will not play that game," Obama told the Business Roundtable on Wednesday. "We are not going to play that game next year. We've got to break that habit before it starts."

Play WHAT game???  The negotiating game?  So, we maybe have some progress with repubs considering to concede to the tax hike issue, but Obama doesn't want to hear about the debt ceiling issue?  Really?

The article basically says, we have the majority of the public on our side, we can do what we want, and screw anyone else who doesn't like it (like the 47-48% who are NOT in agreement)?

This is frustrating to say the least.  If Obama isn't going to comrpomise on ANY of the points, why negotiate at all?  Honestly, I'd just walk away from it if I were the House repubs at this point.  
"If we can take the middle-income tax cuts off the table, then we end the hostage taking that the Republicans have been engaged in," Pelosi said at a Wednesday media availability when asked about the Democrats' debt limit contingency plan. "We're not going to do that unless you give tax cuts to the wealthy. I think that clears the debate to find areas of agreement as we go forward.

"The debt limit ought not to be held hostage to anything," Hoyer said. "It hurt our economy, we were downgraded for the first time in my career and I think in history by one of the rating agencies. The creditworthiness of America ought not to be put at risk, it ought not to be a negotiating item."

Geez, all this "hostage taking" talk.  Hype for the media to make the other side look evil.
Same thing from a year ago. Same sh*t different day. I hope you have your parachute ready! Or do you prefer bungee jumping? LOL
Wait a minute!  What do you mean?  The President is ready to negotiate and compromise!!!  That's what he's all about... getting $hit done.  How dare you make an insinuation that the President is somehow holding things...........wait a minute.  It doesn't sound right, me trying to act like a democrat.

Sorry... as you were.
I love the title of this post nursegirl.  LOL  

Honestly, I am disgruntled with both sides equally so at this point.  I think neither is doing a good job of working together.

but I am one that doesn't think it is a good idea to raise the debt ceiling again.  It adds to the problems down the road while pretending to the rest of us poor chumps that we aren't in trouble financially.  
I like the title too.
I've been kind of ignoring this simply because it seems like another case of chicken little yelling about the sky falling.
Mostly, I'm just tired of the 'phrase of the week' that gets repeated endlessly.

I'm going to bury my head in the sand~ see ya later.

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