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Quake rattles B.C. coast, no injuries, U.S. agency says no tsunami expe...
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Quake rattles B.C. coast, no injuries, U.S. agency says no tsunami expected

VANCOUVER - A magnitude-6.3 earthquake has struck the British Columbia coast.

The U.S.-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says no tsunami is expected after the quake hit around 6 p.m. local time, about 136 kilometres southwest of the northern Vancouver Island community of Port Alice.

The agency says the quake was recorded at a depth of about 43.5 kilometres.

No injuries have been reported.

The West Coast continues to experience aftershocks following a magnitude-7.7 quake that struck Haida Gwaii on Oct. 27. Nobody was injured in that incident but the shaking managed to turn off the taps of some natural hot springs.

On Sunday, a magnitude-5.2 quake was recorded 90 kilometres southeast of Sandspit, on Haida Gwaii.
These things are happening more and more and more. I think I might have to consider moving away from the coast before too long.
Yikes, another one!  This is kind of freaking me out a bit as this is not usual.

On that note, our weather here in Calgary is also behaving unusually - we pretty much skipped fall and went from summer straight into winter.  I have leaves falling on top of the snow.  It's snowing like crazy and the experts are predicting a higher then average snowfall with colder then average temps. Great, just great.  Last year we had one of the warmest, dryest winters in Canadian history.

Anyone else getting unusual weather or events?  My understanding is that Hurricane Sandy was unusual in terms of the timing and of course the size.

It's all starting to make me worry a bit, I'll be honest.  I'm going to stock up on supplies for my emergency kit.  It seems the weather is rapidly changing on us so who knows if we might have issues here.
Interesting. I saw there was one in Guatemala the other day, 7.9
This is the line of faults that goes up the coast of the Americas.

As far as unusal weather, he!! yes. Everywhere sweetie.
It was in the 80s two days ago here, unheard of for November. Now it's back to semi-normal, though no rain.
The sun feels hotter than normal. Flowers have been blooming at odd times all year. I talked to the butterfly lady at the gardens and she says she some are hatching out now~ very, very odd.
I just checked out weather network, and we are in the process of getting double the amount of snow we usually get this month.  Colder then seasonal temps too.  Sigh, so it begins.  
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