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The tragic story behind chilling Gaza photo
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The tragic story behind chilling Gaza photo

Jihad Misharawi, a BBC Arabic correspondent who lives in Gaza, tragically became part of the story he's been covering on Wednesday, when an Israeli airstrike killed his 11-month-old son.

A chilling photo showing Misharawi carrying his son's body through al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City was published by the Associated Press and printed on the front page of Thursday's Washington Post.

According to Paul Danahar, the BBC's Middle East bureau chief, Misharawi's sister-in-law was also killed in the the airstrike that hit his home in Gaza. Misharawi's brother was also seriously wounded, Danahar said.

"This is a particularly difficult moment for the whole bureau in Gaza," BBC World editor Jon Williams wrote in a memo to colleagues. "We're fortunate to have such a committed and courageous team there. It's a sobering reminder of the challenges facing many of our colleagues."

At least 10 Palestinians, including Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jabari, were killed during the Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday, Palestinians officials said.

Israel launched the operation in response to successive days of rocket fire coming out of Gaza. Hamas, meanwhile, warned Jabari's assassination "had opened the gates of hell."


What is it going to take to get these two to stop firing on each other ???
It is a terrible tragedy and I am sorry for the death of all the innocents.
I know this baby was really killed but in some cases pictures are posted as propaganda as seen in the following link. Dead child in Syrian fighting-reposted as Palestinian child in Gaza.http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/306062?personal_page_id=2230458
Sadly it is more often true than not. There are many pictures of Israeli deaths but you are not likely to see them posted in our media.
What will it take to keep them from fighting?
There is no answer, not now.  But I do want to say before there was a Jewish State, before the holocast, the mullah in Jerusalem in the 1920s called for a jihad against the Jews living in Israel. The Arabs rioted and killed their Jewish neighbors they had lived peaceflly with for ages. They slaughtered the old people and the babies too.
I have no doubt that many Palestinians would like to live peacfully in Israel and I know that many Israeli Jews want the same.
Iranian backed Hamas and the Egyptian ruled Muslim brotherhood are evil and will kill their own people for calling for peace. They will never rest as long as one Jew lives in the land. They make it quite clear.
The Israeli government in my opinion is far from perfect and I do not defend all actions or policies by any means. Having said that they are doing what any country must do under attack.
The real tragedy here is that neither will stop and it will continues and grow increasingly brutal.
I do not believe the UN or US can stop it. Only the parties involved can stop and they won't.
In my psyche the holocaust was yesterday and can be again tomorrow. So, you know that even though my heart aches for *all* the people involved, I stand with my  people.
Like I told OH in a pm, I am really not so small as to let my hurt interfere with my friendship, so ppl feel free to speak your mind.
I have said all I wish to say on the matter and will probably not engage in further chats about this.
Pray for peace and love to y'all.
Yes, pray for peace.  It is very complex and I don't fully understand it.  Sounds awful for all involved and heading in increasingly violent directions.  
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