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Walmart invasion, what do you think?
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Walmart invasion, what do you think?


I am of two minds on Walmart (I never shop there, I do only thrift stores)
1. Clinton pointed out in a speech all the positive things Walmart was working on in terms of the environment and the economy. It was a bit of an eye opener. Also they do employ a lot of people.
2. I have always been uncomfortable with big stores pushing out small business. I love Berkeley-they keep these places out of town-they are all about local economy. I like that and when I go out I always prefer walking an extra few blocks to a coffeehouse rather than patronizing Starbucks.

I would love some differing viewpoints.
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I love "mom and pop" operations and try to frequent them as often as possible.  This town was doing all it could to protect the "home town" atmosphere and did not let Walmart move in.  The blame was placed on the fact that Walmart was not willing to change the style of their buildings, to meet the current architectural style here.  They also said they wanted to protect the towns image of being home to real people.  None the less, no Walmart.

Not soon there after, they allowed K-Mart to move into town.  (Kind of defeated the purpose.)  The logic then used was that K-Mart was going to fill a niche that Walmart could not and they were willing to alter their traditional rectangular buildings to meet the architectural style of the valley.

Mom and Pop operations suffered....

We will shop at a Walmart (in a near by town) because of some of their pricing.  On our budget, it is real difficult to rationalize spending a lot of extra money on items we regularly use and if we can get it cheaper elsewhere, we'll do it.
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