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Mothers day was fun =)
I woke up sunday morning to my oldest son (6) and daughter (5) tackling me with huge grins on there chocolate covered faces (yes you read that right my two oldest decided to get into the candy before anyone was awake and eat all the candy but forgot to clean the evidence off there little faces) so i said to them "well good morning my two well behaved perfect little angels who never get into the candy and eat it all before anyone knows there awake"  

the look on there face's was priceless I have not laughed that hard in a long time...

well i didnt really do anything exciting my kids told me they wanted to do anything i wanted to do so i said ok and made them sit down for pictures i think they were hoping for a trip to the park =) so by the time i said ok were done you can go play and eat some cake they were relieved as you can imagin I'll post some pics i changed my profile to one of them that I took on mothers day =)

did any of you ladies do anything exciting for mothers day?
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