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Chiropractioner for lumbosacral spine?
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Chiropractioner for lumbosacral spine?

I am a  52 year old man.
Recently, i went to the doctors and had a Radiology scan through the lumbosacral spine. The results stated:
Lumbar alignment is within normal limits. There is no spondylolithesis.

The vertebral bodies are maintained in height with no osteoporotic compression fracture. A limbus vertebra is noted at L4. Disc spaces are preserved.

At L2/L3, there is no posterior disc herniation, neural exit foraminal stenosis or canal stenosis.

At L3/L4, there is a mild borad based disc bulge. Together with bilateral facet joint degeneration and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, this causes mild canal stenosis similar in extent to previously. The neural exit foramina are narrowed bilaterally with potential impingement upon the exiting L3 nerve roots on both sides.

At L4/L5, there is a mild broad based disc bulge resulting in mild canal stenosis,. No nerve root impingement. The facet joint at this level show mild degenerative change.

At L5/SI, there is no abnormality.

- There is a similar appearance to the lumbar spine when compared with the previous examination with mild broad based disc bulges at L3/L4 and L4/L5 resulting in a degree of canal stenosis. There is also narrowing of the neural exit foramina at L3/L4 bilaterally with potential impingement upon the existing L3 roots on both sides.

I was wondering, whether i should go to a chiropractioner to ease my problem? Hence, would a chiropractioner be any benefit to my predicament?

Any advice or answers will be appreciated.
Thank you
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I don't believe there is anything a Chiropractor can do with your degenerative condition, and there may be a risk of making the condition worse. I'd be very cautious.
I am not a doctor, but I am eery when the chiropractor said he could help me. When there are disc bulging, be careful. Personally, I went with the proven thing. I had cervical fusions. (anterior and posterior) Was fine until I fell in '07. Surg. was in '98. I have found only one chiropractor that was willing to do an adjustment. I think I had consulted 4 after the recent fall. The others said they would not touch for fear of possibility of shifting and further impingement  of nerves. What has your MD that ordered the tests suggested? Hope you can obtain some relief. I, personally know, that when the pain gets so bad I cannot think. I'm mean and grumpy. No one wants to be around me. When I surrender and take the pain meds MD says I need to take, Pain is better for a while. Nothing that I have found helps the nerve pain other than correcting problem at hand. For me that was surgery back in '98 and '99. Hoping that it doesn't require the same this time. Best to you. Blessings. Madlyn
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