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Hi there,

I'd like to ask for your consultation regarding my case. I've been around the whole place looking for help and nothing has helped me since March. Doctors already gave me remedies/medicines for my problem and to address my concern, but they didn't work.

I had a head injury last November 2010. Since then, numerous symptoms arised every succeeding month.
-sticky-like perspiration on right hand/decreased sensation slowly crawling from right fingers to my hands.. and eventually throughout the body (after the accident)
-Myoclonus and fasciculations (December 2010)
-Gait problems (body going to the right/February)
-Sleep decreased and unable to sleep during the afternoon/profuse perspiration and tears(started Mid-March)
-body temperature problem and appetite problems w/ loss of desire to drink water/ different sensation on the body (started March)
-Gradual insomnia and sensory ataxia/walking problems (from Mid-march to late May)
-Full Insomnia (June until this current time)
-developing "dementia/stupor" due to sleep deprivation and possible cellular attack of prions in the thalamus (as of this time)
-attitude change (agressive toward other people)
-muscle spasms in the back of the neck and head (gradually increased in pain and extension since december)
-aneurism like pain in the head and severe head aches probably because of the severe muscle spasms in the back of head extending to the lower spine which hurts pretty bad.. (June onward)
-as per friend of mine, I might be suffering Thalamic and Hypothalamic degeneration due to the closed head trauma and it just showed up progressively since the day of the accident.
-Valium was used during june. 15mg didn't show any effect. It took me 100mg to have sleep but still felt agitated the next day. :(

We already checked out all the "best" doctors here in Manila regarding my case. All they do is say that "you're alright" because all tests (MRI,MRS in the Thalamic area,EMGs,ECGs,CT Scans, Blood tests) were alright except for some lactation and very low GABA markers in the thalamus (which is still under investigation... but the problem is already gotten worse. My mom denies the fact that I might have "Sporadic Fatal Insomnia" because of the doctor's feedback. As of this time, there is still no medicine working for me.
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  Hi...I feel the answers u received in the neuro forum  should be beneficial.

   Good luck and do post updates

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