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hit by car now body "degenerating"
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hit by car now body "degenerating"

i do not know if this is true. my main neuro was very concerned and honestly, which i appreciated, said he could no longer help me. after the nucleur full body test came back saying degeneration of shoulders hips knees.

i was hit by a car crossing street 8 months ago. i flew fifteen fit and landed only on my left part of rear end and high part of leg. no blood. i had no problems. until six weeks later broken tibula / fibula

after that it began
-hump left back
-drop right shoulder-
-right leg length - now two inches longer htan right
-hip rotation

at this point it is still unknown what is going on. all i know is i have yet to find anyone to help me. stanford wouldn't see me under neurology because they said they didn't have a dept.

ortho's do not fit into a whole body category.

does anyone know of a place where one can go to have there entire body looked at. i am in oakland. but i don't care if it's across the planet. i have not started to get better. i have not stopped getting worse.

physiatrist has been mentioned. neuro doc supposed to send info to them. and a place called valley medical center.

thank you for any help possiblwe
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From the information given I would say that you have suffered what is sometimes called a soft tissue injuries to the lumber spine. which can lead to lower back muscle tension,then the symptoms that you said would have come about.The MRI shows mild degenerative disc disease which could have been present before the accident. The accident though could aggravate and bring about more symptoms from this pre-existing problem.

I would agree that physical therapy, intensive acupuncture, and mobilization exercises can be helpful !

Take care!
thank you for answering. as dumb as it sounds you have given me a point of view that i have mostly not recieved from, can count the amount of doctors- respected ones.

what is soft tissue and can you test / mri for it?

-torso. if i were to line my legs feet to look straigh at someone. my upper body would be  lined up but over to the left

-is it unusual or problem to 2 inch leg length right leg and right hip inch higher

what is your view of seeing a physiatrist. i am hoping to get into stanford. or another placae called valley medical center.


thank you for writing back i have been trying for 8 months to have someone say anything.
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