6-year molar headaches
by An_Mari, Feb 12, 2009
My daughter has 6-year molars coming in.  Her doctor had her head xrayed because she has been having a lot of headaches.  When she was being shown the xray, we noticed the molars under her skin.

Could these molars be causing her numerous headaches over the past week or so?

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by StratRebel, Feb 12, 2009
Teething is no fun and can cause numerous symptoms, including headaches.  I know most people think of teething in an infant, but thats exactly what happens at 6, 12, and 18-25 (wisdom teeth) because its a tooth having to push its way through intact bone and gum tissue.  When the other permanent teeth come it, there is not nearly as many symptoms because the primary tooth has provided the permanent tooth with a path.

Often, the headaches only come for a few weeks and will go away as the tooth stops putting as much pressure on the bone and starts coming out of the tissue.  
by scottmaBlank, Feb 12, 2009
Erupting teeth may be associated with pericoronitis, which may contribute to headache. However, if your young child suffers from frequent attacks of headache, comprehensive medical evaluation is advised. If there is no organic cause of headache identified, manual practitioner ,such as ostepath, chiropractor, may help.
by alex189, Feb 13, 2009
if the headaches are not sever and if they are not happening all the time there is nothing to worry about, teething can cause headaches. but if they are sever and they are happening frequently that could be something serious and might not be related to the teething
by fon1680, Apr 13, 2009
My 7 year old has just come back from dentist with severe pain to his gum. We thought it was tooth ache but was told that his 6 year molar was coming through but was swollen and very sore. He did complain once about a headache but i think that was when the pain was severe. He had to have antibiotics and the dentist gave him a local anesthetic to relieve some of the pain. I do not have the skill or the luxury so does any one have any ideas of relieving the pain while we are waiting for the antibiotics to work.