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All 4 wisdom teeth removed. Bottom right side of face and chin is numb!...
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All 4 wisdom teeth removed. Bottom right side of face and chin is numb! Permanent?

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago.. I was knocked out for the procedure.
Its been only 3 days, but my bottom GUM, TEETH, WHOLE LIP and CHIN are still numb, mostly on the right side.

Since my sister, mom and other friends said the numbness goes away after a few hours...I slept on it, the next afternoon I could only think about permanent damage and contacted the oral surgeon that did it..
They said wait and if the numbness doesnt go away, call back tomorrow afternoon... I called back today just for them to advise me that this could last a few weeks up to a few months.

I'm concerned because I can't do the simplest things, like put chapstick on, or eat soup without having half the soup on my face (since I have no feeling of my lip - to bottom of chin...I have no feeling what so ever).

Anyways, I'm just concerned that this could be permanent, (I now see that I'm not the only one this has happened to), but they said it could last a few (3) months. Im just supossed to wait 3 months with a half numb face and hope I recover, but after 3 months will it be too late to possibly fix it, if its on its way to becoming permanent.

& mainly, is this ok for surgeons to do this? How come I was not aware of possibly having a permanant disability. Can I do something if its permanent to the dentist/oral surgeon? I mean, it already cost me almost $2000, now this ? Can they be sued? Just wondering....
Seeing an orofacial pain specialist or neurologist is advised.early administration of tricyclics antidepressant, and/or gabapentin,vitamin b1,b6,b12,may help resume normal nerve function.
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