Baby Teeth can last for how long?
by abwela, Jan 17, 2010
I am raising my 10 yr old granddaughter and learned from cental xrays that only her two front upper teeth are permanent.  Her teeth are very small and xrays indicate NO ADULT teeth.  Dentist indicates we need to have a plan.  I'm scared.  My g-daughter has no cavitites and her baby teeth are not loose.  I learned that some adults live to be older adults with baby teeth?  Help!
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by StratRebel, Jan 17, 2010
This is not a huge cause for concern, missing laterals is common.  In the short term, these teeth can be bonded or veneered to look like adult teeth.  Later, when her jaw stops growing, these teeth can be permanently replaced with implants.

Some adults do keep their primary teeth if missing the permanents, but this is usually in the back molars because no one sees them and their roots are stronger.
by krakatoa77, Jan 18, 2010
I know two people older than 55 that still have one or two original baby teeth.
by Exabia, Jul 21, 2010
Hi ive lived my whole life with baby teeth i have 10 out of my 32 teeth im ment to have (had a few removed along the way) and im fine :) im only 22 but there is a brighter future make sure she looks after them baby teeth fall out when there is adult teeth to replace them if there is none there then they wont fall out :)
just take good care of them and ull be fine.