Cavity near gum line
by kemmie777, Aug 11, 2006
I just noticed that I have a cavity in last back molar that in near/on the gum line facing my cheek. I can see it. It is in a tooth that has had a filling in it for the past 15 years. It currently doesn't hurt and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gotten a piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth in the back. I have an appointment with my dentist but it isn't for two weeks unless they get a cancellation. My question is:  how difficult is it to repair a cavity by the gumline? or what is the most common result?

Also, while I wait for my appointment, should floss around that tooth (will it disturb it too much) or just brush regularly and rinse with mouthwash?
by Jerome Bogin, D.D.S. Blank, Aug 12, 2006
In general it is not difficult to fill the area. I would continue to floss and brush as usual.
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by mike1105, Aug 11, 2006
cavities around the gumline can be difficult to restore if the decay extends more than a millimeter or so below the tissue. when decay extends further down than that, sometimes it is necessary to remove some tissue before placing the restoration. if the filling that exists in the top of the tooth is large, and if this newly discovered decay is extensive, the tooth may need a crown after the decay is cleaned out and the cavity filled. remember that the more "filling" a tooth has, the more prone to fracture it is. when teeth do fracture, sometimes they cannot be restored at all, so placing a crown befoe that happens is oftentimes prudent if the fillings are large.
by mike1105, Aug 11, 2006
flossing should be ok-- if the floss gets stuck, slide it out till your dentist can evaluate the area.
by kemmie777, Aug 12, 2006
Thank you for your replies.  They have put my mind a littel more at ease that there may be a few options for this tooth.