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Dental Abcess(abscess) help please?
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Dental Abcess(abscess) help please?

Im pretty sure I have an abcessed tooth, several months ago my tooth broke, almost to the gum line, I have had periodic times of throbbing and aching in the tooth, however I could usually rinse with peroxcide and water take some ibuprophen and the pain would subside....

Here recently however the pain in the tooth has been comming back, in the same waves however this morning I woke up and my cheek is extremly swollen, and the gum area directly above the tooth is extremlly sore as the swelling has gone on despite rinsing with salt water, peroxcide mix, ibuprophen and ambesol today  the swelling has increased.

I dont have dental or health insurance of any sort and very low income, so a trip to the dentist isnt really possible for me, however I did get a a  bottle of 800 mg amoxicillin from a friend who had it left over I began taking it today, does anyone know if amoxicillin in usefull for an abcessed tooth, and if so about how long should I expect to start seing results, and also is there a way to tell if the infection has spread past the gum, possibly into jaw-bone etc etc....

.any thoughts or advice would be greatfully appreciated as the pain is near unbearable, and I simply cannot afford a dentist...
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I'm going to tell you exactly what you don't want to hear.  You HAVE to get to a dentist.  

The antibiotic you are taking may or may not be the right one.  It depends on whether the infection is aerobic or non aerobic.  To take the wrong one will only make things worse.  The unresolved infection eats away at bone.  It doesn't take very long before your tooth will start to loosen.  Once that happens, it's VERY hard to save the tooth.

I lost four that way.  What started as a small infection that I tried to self treat (as you are) quickly became my worst nightmare and I lost my top four front teeth.  

Please, PLEASE make an appt with your dentist.  You really can't afford NOT to go.  
What can be a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure now could save you thousands later.  

I'm really sorry this couldn't be more upbeat, but you are risking the future of the tooth and the ones nearby by waiting.

My very best to you,
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