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Dental Implantation Fell Out Clean!
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Dental Implantation Fell Out Clean!

Hello all,

My implant fell out yesterday relatively clean and painless (including the root that goes into the bone). The implant was in my mouth for four months and had no problem no pain. Two days ago started with a minor discomfort and little pain; yesterday it fell out completely while I was eating. I went in to my dentist and he had no answer for me. Few question below, any advice or answer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

1) What cause this from happening? Why? Could it be the implantation used? Could it be his technique? Could it be my jaw bone?

2) The implantation used "T.B.R. ide@ conic dental implant" any good? How is TBR compare to other company's product? Is it higher quality or lower quality?

3) the root part fell out clean, without any bone or tissue grown on the implantation. Please see picture. Is this normal? It has been in my mouth for four months already.

Thank you so much for you help!

Sincerely yours,
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Hi Gaven,
Having the implant not osseointegrate is one of the problems an implant can have.
Did you have a bone graft when the implant was inserted?  Was the replaced tooth extracted at the time of implant insertion, or had it been missing for a length of time?  It sounds like it just didn't have your bone attach to it at all.  

Most of the time, a dentist can replace it with a slightly larger implant and it works fine, but if you are not going to an oral surgeon that specializes in implants, now would be the time to do it.  It is important that when the implant is inserted that the bone in your jaw not be overheated which is one of the most common reasons for immediate implant failure.

There are many reasons an implant can fail that soon after being inserted.  I'm sorry it happened to you.  It can be replaced, though.

Hope this helps some.

Best to you,

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