Face Swelling After Root Canal Retreatment
by CutieSnoopy, Jul 20, 2008
I finally had a retreatment of an earlier root canal (12 years) done 3 days ago.  I was in massive pain the day after, and was disappointed that the endodontist's hygienist told me I would only have some pain and that ibuprofen would help.  Yes it helped some, but only after taking 4 every 3-4 hours.  Of course the treatment was done on Thursday afternoon, and their office was closed Friday, so I was unable to get a prescription for pain medicine.  On Saturday the side of my face where procedure was done started to swell, and now Sunday, the swelling is even worse.  It is up under my eye, any more swelling and my eye will be shut.  I am on Amoxicillin 1 x per day 2 days prior to procedure and then 3 x a day after until all gone.  Is this normal?  A lot of the pain has subsided, but the swelling is starting to scare me.
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by scottmaBlank, Jul 20, 2008
Face swelling during and after root canal treatemnt of upper teeth is not uncommon. As long as the canal is throughly debrided and obturated, future reinfection is an unlikely event.