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Implant infection cause
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Implant infection cause

Will I continue to have bone loss?  Will I be able to continue wearing my loser denture?

I completed Hep C tx in 11/08.  Is it possible that the HCV or the medications (pegasys alpha2 & ribavarin could have contributed to the infection?  My dentist thinks the infection is due to poor immune system.

My implants consist of 2 posts and the lower denture fits over  the posts.  The first post fell out about 10 days ago, the second post is loose and the gum is infected & swollen and I am unable to eat with the denture in.  I am having that one removed next week and will have the denture religned and at this point will not have them replaced.  I have a prescrpiton for antibiotics.  

My understanding when I got implants was that they can help improve the bone.  I am unable to have a bone graft because my gums are very poor & my understanding there is nothing to graft on to.

What are your thoughts on my eventually replacing the implants?  I am worried about having to go toothless as I get older.

Thank you
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Hi Jen,
There are many ways to add bone nowadays as long as your body allows it. One such way is via bone grafting, and it can be a simple process or it can be a complicated one like a hip graft (
I do not see a reason why you should be a bad candidate for implants. The implants if they are infected, need to be removed, otherwise, it can cause further bone loss.
Implants are placed to stop the bone loss, not to help the bone regenerate either.
Also the anatomy and design of an implant is very important as well as the training and the understanding of the dentist. (
Anyone can drill a hole and put the implant in the jaw, but planning it properly not only based on the anatomy and the bone and nerves, but also, based on architecture, such as the bone type, quality, amount, the final position of the denture teeth, the distance between the implants, and then the body's immune system.
So in your case, a blood work up is useful, the type of implants (are these mini implants?) the size or width an the height of implant, the bone quality, and where these two implants were positioned. If they are next to one another, it is better, the farther apart they are from one another, they take more of a load and if they are close together at times if they are connected to one another it will help out more. The worst the bone quality, the shorter the ability to make the implants, the thinner the implants, and the higher apart the denture teeth are from the bone level, the more implants will be needed, ranging from 2-9 of them or even more and then the design of them as to how they are connected to one another and also as to how they are connected to your dentures.
You can go to    and there you can find out more information as well.
I hope this helps,
Thank you very much for your response.  You have made it clear to me and it is very helpful.  Jen
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