Lingering Numbness after Root Canal
by Jabber5, Jul 08, 2008
I cracked tooth #14 and decided to get a root canal in preparation for a crown.  I wasn't feeling any pain and the endodontist who performed the root canal said that was because the nerves had already died and the cracked tooth allowed the absess to drain, so I was lucky.  In any event, in the first visit the endodontist cleaned out the canals (he said he never fills them the same day).  He numbed me and then during this procedure I heard a "pop" and felt a bit of pain.  He said, "sorry about that," and went on with it.  After the procedure was over I asked him what that "pop" was because I was fearful that he had perforated the end of the tooth.  He said that he did not perforate the end of the tooth, but went through the canal opening and into the absess.  It seemed plausable, but what do I know?  In any event, a week went by and I still had lingering numbness around the tooth site and in the corner/side and upper part of my lip (left side).  I also noticed that I now had a lump on my gum above the tooth that was root canaled.  I went back to get the tooth filled and he said that the lump was swelling from the infection and that the numbness was caused by the swelling and will go away in time.  He numbed me up again and filled the tooth.  The main numbness wore off, but I still have this lingering numbness around the tooth site and in the corner/side.  Any opinions on what this is and will it indeed go away?
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by scottmaBlank, Jul 10, 2008
Seeing a neurologist is advised.