Lump on left side of hard palate
by ak82, Jun 01, 2008
Hello all.

3 days ago, i noticed while rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth, i have a slightly raised 'bump'  approximately 2x1 cm in diameter, a mm or 2 in height.  It is pretty diffue and firm, starts at the junction of the soft and hard palate, and comes about 2cm down towards the front of the mouth.  Its width starts at the very middle ridge of the hard palate and goes about a cm to the left.  It is not painful, but doesnt seemed to have changed at all in the past 3 nights.  Its sort of dome like, i guess.

Its nothing to look at.  You cannot see it with the naked eye.  I have posted a picture up anyway, if maybe some professionals would like a look.

I also have been having ear tingling sensation for some months, and have tried to pop my ears by holding nose and blowing outwards.  I very often have to rub my ears to eleviate this feeling of numbness or tingling, as if a nerve is being trapped.  I minorly cracked a tooth a couple of months ago with an olive pip, and now when i have chocolate, it reeeally hurts.  Could it have been infected?  Its near this tooth.  Its the one on the right side of the screen with the filling.  Ive been to a dentist, but i forgot to mention the cracked tooth this time.  I saw the dentist a month ago about the cracked tooth, but they said it was nothing of concern and just to brush regular with fluoride toohpaste and mouth wash.

I am male, 25 years old, and a medium smoker.  Say 10 a day.  Sometimes less, rarely more, but sometimes without filter.  Since finding this, i have stopped smoking.

My dentist said to leave it and see if it gets smaller, as he was quite sure it was nothing.  But said he would refer me if it didnt go down.  Its been 3 days and i dont think it has changed at all.  I am getting worried now, as i still get ear tingling and slight pain around the tonsils.  A lot of the time, smoking would feel sensitive at the back of the throat/tonsils/ear area

Could this be cancer growing, and pushing around the back of the throat causing all this secondary pain?

Could it just be my wisdom teeth?  Dentist didnt think this would be the case.

Could it be infection from the cracked tooth closest to the area?  If it was, would it not hurt?  or have at least changed colour?  or feel like fluid inside?

I had a huge cramp afew days ago from trying to brush back of tongue.  Glands went into overdrive.  Could this have caused swelling on the hard palate?

Dentist thinks i could have knocked it or eaten something that could have aggrevated it and not noticed.  I wish this was the case, but cannot think of anything i ate that would have aggrevated it, and have no recollection of any pain caused by eating or something that would have done this.  Also, would it not hurt?  or appear bruised?

My mind is obviously thinking the worst.

My dads mother died from cancer when she was approx 40-50.  i do not know what type of cancer, but i know that one morning she started caughing blood.  I dont know what sort of cancer would cause this.  This is the only case of cancer i know of in my family.

Its been on my mind for 3 days in a row, and i dont really know what to do during this 'waiting' period.  Though im not an expert, i feel like i can tell, that this wont go down in a hurry at all.  It doesnt seem to have budged in 3 days.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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by scottmaBlank, Jun 01, 2008
Seeing an oral pathologist or oral surgeon is advised.
by ak82, Jun 03, 2008
Yesterday i saw an oral surgeon.  He has suggested that it could be irregular shaping of the hard palate bone, and that it is probably nothing.  He stated that he was about 95% sure that it was just irregular hard palate bone shaping (possibly torus) and said if i would like the extra couple of percent to take it to 98-99 then to take an MRI scan.  I am going for this today, and we will discuss the results on monday which is 6 days from now.  I will be quite worried up until that point.

For me though, it doesnt feel like bone necessarily.  It feels like there is somethickening between the skin and bone, while on the other side of the hard palate, the skin feels thinner.  I am very anxious about this as all cases i have read about say that this cancer is difficult to diagnose (if it is).

I suggested a biopsy, but he stated that he doesnt think there is anything to biopsy.

Im finding it hard to get a difitive answer.  Even the MRI i dont think will prove definitive which is echoed by his 98-99%

He said initially he would have said it was nothing and ot leave it for 3 or 4 months.  I wonder what i can do to get a difinitive result, or even where i can find a specialist on the hard palate.

This doesnt look like something that i will get relief of worry from any time soon....
by ak82, Jun 03, 2008
On further inspection, right at the back of the lump (junction), i would say this 90% feels like solid immovable bone.  This comes forward to front of mouth about a cm.  The further cm feels like softer tissue.

I have been looking up tori/torus/exostoses.  Whenever these are mentioned, it always says that if on the hard palate, it is in the midline ridge.  Is it possible to get extra bone growing on just one side of the hard palate?  Should either side feel more sensitive?  To be honest, the normal side feels more pain when i press it.

What would an oral cancer feel like?  I know they are supposed to be firm, but at the back it feels solid, and the area closer to the front feels like it is just the area between the peak height of the 'bone' and the lower height of the hard palate.
by ak82, Jun 03, 2008
I would also like to add, that it is practically 100% sure that the throat/ear pains i was having, are caused by the TMJ muscle.  Both dentist and doctor stated it looked like i had been grinding my teeth.  Though this was complete news to me, after researching, this very much seems the case.  I had pain on the left side underneath the ear and when massaging around jugular area, i would feel a stinging pain from the gland.  This is directly associated with TMJ.  Though this made me feel easier about those pains, and wether they were caused by a growth, it still does not explain the hard palate growth.
by ak82, Jun 11, 2008
Just to let anyone know who stumbles across this thread in the future, i will publish the conclusion to current events.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since the discovery of the 'lump'.  In that time, i have seen a dentist, a GP, an oral surgeon, an ENT specialist, a doctor, and a student doctor, and had an MRI scan.

All of the above, on inspection, stated that there was nothing sinister, and nothing to worry about.

The results of my MRI showed a HUGE nasal polyp above the 'lump'. size of my eyeball, and on the other side, one the size of a pea.  This freaked me out beyond belief.  For 2 weeks i have been eating poorly and sleeping poorly.  Today i saw the ENT specialist who assured me there was nothing.

After hearing so many people say this, i finally decided to listen and have called it a day.  I feel fine and relaxed now.  The worry for me was that the polyps appeared unilateral.  these are more sinister than bilateral and MRI is not the best tool to differentiate.  Regardless, as there appeared to be no bone damage/invasion, no bleeding, or any other symptoms, bringing in my age (25/26) i was assured there was nothing wrong.  Also, on inspection the swelling did not 'feel' sinister.

I found so much stuff online that made me sure it was cancer or something like this, but after hearing 6 qualified medics telling me it was nothing, i had to sit back and listen.

My lesson learned is to stay away from the internet now when i find something.  Twice i have done this and come close to heart attacks from the information i find.  You never know.  If you find something, get it checked out, but dont panic.  The body is a very resiliant thing, and there is often a good explanation for abnormalities.

As for mine, i havnt been given a 100% reason for what the swelling is.  Guesses are possible abnormal hard palate bone shaping, but more likely, intermittent smoking caused mucosa build up, or salivary gland blockage, causing the sweilling and nasal polyps.

Either way, i feel so much better.  I hope this will help put someone at ease if they have similar symptoms.  If you have questions, PM me.  Replying to this thread wont send me an email, so the best way is to send me a 'Personal/Private Message'.

All the best to everyone.
by dognanny, Jan 07, 2009
I have just read your thread.  The part where you say that 6 medics confirmed every thing was OK and that you will not search internet now as most sites said it was cancer.  The internet is safe and a good ammunition for when you go to the doctors- with knowledge.  Too bad if you are wrong at least you can throw some words for the good doctor to think about.

I have inflammatory breast cancer and to tell you the truth the internet saved my life.  I told the oncologist what I have but it took them 2 1/2 months before they diagnosed me.  I now am boobless and fighting for my life.  So, the message I would like to pass on to you is= If you feel that something is not right no matter how silly it sounds get it checked out.  Another few months of being sent away could have cost me my life.

I also have a lump in my hard palate which was never there before.  Mine is slightly painful to touch and since I had chemo and radiation treatment I am not ruling out its just normal.  I will continue to do my research on the net for a few more days and if I still am concerned will discuss with oncologist.  I certainly hope it is nothing.   Since my own diagnosis I will make 4 years in June.  75% off women don't make 5 years.  The best solution is too keep busy so that you don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.  I don't think of death, I only think off living.  And I believe that is why i still stand strong with no signs of metastasis.  I don't think cancer.  I think of dogs, kids, husband and financial security.  God Bless you all.   Sue- Australia (Townsville)
by ak82, Jan 08, 2009
God bless you my dear and more power to you for being such a fighter.  I hope the lord blesses you with all the strength you need to see you through.  I also thank you for your comments and advice.  I agree with you, the internet is an invaluable research tool, and is helping me see through some other chronic issues i am having such as fatigue and joint pains.  Havn't found the answers yet, but im wittling them down and will get there in the end.

Again, god bless you lady, and much love.  Stay positive for ever and im sure you'll be fine.  On a random yet related note, buy some apricot seeds!  Research them on the internet. ;)  I hear wonderful things about them.  Take care xx x
by tofuminator, Feb 18, 2009
Hi I live in Detroit, MI and also discovered a lump on the left side of my hard palate. It doesn't hurt and the only way it was discovered was because my hygienest saw it while cleaning. I was referred to an Oral surgeon who did a biopsy and said it is a tumor, and yes it is cancer. Since I've been depressed and unable to much of anything. He said they can remove it and will need to scrap some bone out as well. I've been reading alot online and oral cancer has a survival rate of 50% only, this has made me even more concerned.
by StratRebel, Feb 18, 2009
There are multiple kinds of oral cancer, and the survival rate depends heavily on how early the lesion was found.  If you have been seeing the same hygienist every year, I would not worry too much about the survival rate as you would have found it very early.

However, its always a good thing to discuss any concerns with your oral surgeon.