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Lumps in Jaw 4 Months Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction.
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Lumps in Jaw 4 Months Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

I am 29 years old and had both bottom wisdom teeth (I was only born with the 2 bottom.) extracted 4 almost 5 months ago.

To make this easier, here is the run down of events. I am in extreme pain and not only are the lumps unsightly it is disconcerting that these do not have a glimmer of receding.

- Had teeth removed on Monday, March 3, 2008.

- Right side of face blew up on that Thursday after what was seemingly progressive healing.

- Face eventually went down but developed hard lump on right side.

- After check-up post surgery a week later I was told I have dry socket and the socket was stuffed with clove gauze.

- After another week gauze was removed. Experienced no pain in the socket.

- A couple of more weeks went by and although lump was present I was told by my initial oral surgeon that it was TMJ and that I needed to stretch my jaw.

- I went to childhood dentist, was told it was an abscess not TMJ and was referred to an endodontist.

- Endodotonist did not feel it was a dead tooth and I was referred to another oral surgeon.

- Oral surgeon abrated the area and reopened the socket and put me on another antibiotic.

- Was on 2 antibiotics for over a month

- Lump changed as it raised itself closer to the socket however did not move.

- Most recently lump developed on left side as well. This is within the week.

- Lumps are on the jaw right before the wisdom teeth, not below the jaw, on it.

- Very painful with radiating pain. Can not function without narcotic intervention.

That's it so far. I am going to an ear, nose and throat doctor on Monday but I am at the end of my rope. Any hint or clue to steer me in the right direction..even if it is off base will help. It's not lymph nodes that we know for sure. Any clue to what it could be?

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Avatar m tn
If x-ray doesn't reveal intrabony pathology, thelump is probably caused by infection or soft tissue pathology. The oral surgeon is supposed to be able to make a diagnosis. TMD generally does'nt present lump.
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