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Mouth Cancer????
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Mouth Cancer????

Here is a picture of what my tongue looks like. This isn't MY tongue, but one I found on the internet. Its been like this for who knows how long. I'd say a yea and a half, give or take. My tongue looks exactly like the picture above, but the only difference is that its in the far back near my tonsils and throat. My whole tongue that is visible to the naked eye is usually pink n appearance with a white/yellow coating from time-time, but not always. Otherwise, looking healthy... You have to get a flashlight, and get me to open my mouth really big just to be able to see this on my tongue in the back..

My health history:
I have acid reflux...which is the main reason why I've put this scary looking tongue in the back of my head... having 1 dentist look at it, 1 oral surgeon, 2 ENT's, and 2 general practitioners. They've all dismissed it as something not to worry about. But the fact that it has been there for so long...same irregular shape, same size, same everything, is alarming me.

The dentist I've had look at it said that its nothing to be alarmed about...that he see's plenty of his patients with the same redness in the back of mouth.

The oral surgeon I've seen wasn't aware of it, because at the time I saw him, I was seeing him for a different reason.. I was biting the side of my tongue and I was experiencing burning mouth syndrome. But still, he didn't even notice it while he check around my mouth.

The 2 ENT's all said I have throat inflammation and diagnosed me with GERD. The second ENT diagnosed me with Silent Reflux. It seemed like they both ignored the area around the base of my tongue and only looked at my vocal chords and throat... So I doubt if they ever really checked. Both visits seemed relatively careless in how they went about investigating. I feel like they just saw inflammation and without investigating further, concluded I has acid reflux. Before I went in there, I already knew I had acid reflux, because of the other symptoms of heartburn gas and bloating, headaches and occasional nasuea.. So I left pretty disappointed. I literally asked during my second doctor's visit about how bad my throat and tongue look, whether or not it looks like I have cancer, and she simply laughed and said no. I repeated the question in a different variation asking on a scale from 1 to ten, ten being the worse, how bad is my condition, she said a 5.

The first practitioner I saw simply dismissed it outright without even providing a possible explanation. The second was a ex-dentist and dismissed it as well as a form of bacteria overgrowth LIKE candida that can be scraped off, demonstrating to me how to crape your tongue..... He said that it is bacteria-overgrowth related, along with overgrowth of papillae, yet he didn't prescribe me any fungal medicines or anything... Just showed me that goofy demonstration on how to scrape your tongue with a butter knife.

While at the GP, for unrelated appointments, I've gotten tested for vitamin B deficiency and gotten blood work done for diabetes and gout, etc. (I thought I may have diabetes because my fingers were going numb and both of my big toes are slightly they're asleep.. but I'm a it was merely just hypochondria). All tests came back negative. They've tested me for mono before, and that was negative. Strep throat was negative as well...

So in short, I have acid reflux.. but another digestive issue, which I believe is linked together is that I have a bowel problem.. I was never diagnosed with anything, but I've always had a problem. My poop would vary from being green, to being a mash potato consistency (slightly hard but not watery), or when it is of a good color it would still be small and not log-like.. Only rarely is it log-size with a good brown shade and consistency. The majority of the time it is mash potatoes or constipated.. Not to mention the amount of poops I'd do during a day was what seemed to me abnormal (2-3 a day).

I also am a form of a hypochondriac when it comes to health related issues. I have anxiety and depression, and I don't handle stress too well either. I am a drummer of 9 years, so when I tap on the desk ALL THE TIME, I think it is because of my anxiety more so than my actual love for drumming. I don't know if this is related, but I also have a dry scalp. I always seem to have dandruff, no matter how many times I wash my hair. It is short too... Also, I don't experience pain or any discomfort, but my lower back has been diagnosed as being too straight. The lumbar is quote "straighter than normal. Doesn't have that natural curve as much as others).

Please give me some sort of help. Thanks!

Oh, also, I have a dry nose all this time. Its completely synonymous with Empty Nose Syndrome...except the fact that I have never had nose surgery which is the condition that must be met in concluding whether or not you have ENS. I've tried nasal rinses to no avail. I could be allergies. Back when I used to work for Burger King for 2 years, whenever I came into the back kitchen, I would almost instantaneously feel sleepy and sometimes experience vertigo of some sort. I think it was due to allergies and the fryer smoke..

I also used to smoke marijuana. Not tobacco, but still, the smoke, since unfiltered, proved quite irritating to my throat, so I stopped. Used to smoke mj on-and -off for around 3-4 years. 2-3 years were constant. At least 2 tomes a day, 5 out of 7 days a week. I'm sober now and have been so for awhile. Also, I no longer experience burning mouth syndrome ever since I stopped, but the back of my tongue hasn't resolved itself. When I DID smoke, my throat would

Going back to the ENS symptom, I also have a slight-deviated septum back when I was kicked in the nose. Its only slight, as the doctor told me (ENT).

ALSO, another thing I forgot to say. My neck feels tense most of the time. the muscles in front, near my Adam's apple. I do have occasional spurs of a slight slight sore throat... Nothing like the aggravating feeling one may get where it becomes hard for me to swallow my own spit. But like I said, I have acid reflux, and as for the neck tension, I do handle stress very bad and also, I have bruxism as well. The tops of my molars are being grinded down, as noted many times from my dentists, and as a result, I must sleep with a night guard on.
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