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Mouth hurts
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Mouth hurts

Hi Im a 33 year old female having some weird mouth stuff
going on. First my mouth is sore a lot it seems like everthing
irritates it.  Every day it's something new. Stuff like red irritated
taste bud or the roof of my mouth hurts or I have a bump or cut
under my tounge.  Everything I eat hurts my mouth too if I eat
pasta sauce or anything hot the next day my mouth hurts and
is sore. Once in a while the sides of my tongue hurt and are
sore. When I brush my teeth sometimes my gums bleed but just
a little.  Today I woke up and was in pain I looked in the mirror
and it looks like my gum on my top front tooth is red and swollen
and pushed through the tooth!!  I have no insurance and won't for a
month.  Can anyone tell me what they think this is??  
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Avatar m tn
Seeing a periodontist to evaluate your gum problem is advised.if there is no cilinically identified oral lesion, your mouth pain may be burning mouth disorder,which is best managed by an oral medicine specialist or orofacial pain specialist .
Avatar f tn
Thanks there really isn't a burning in my mouth more like bumps and
sores but they go away after a day or two. Like sometimes I'll wake up
and the sides of my tongue are red and very sore or the roof of my mouth
has a bump or sore on it but then I rinse with salt water and it goes away
in a few days and sometimes I wake up with a red swollen taste bud or mouth
pain and soreness. The gum is the weirdest thing. My gum right between my front
tooth and the tooth to the left is red and seems  to have pushed through the two
teeth it's hard to describe but if I put my tongue under my two teeth I feel the bump.

If this mesage looks weird it's because it was sent from my phone,  

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