My Son Chewed On His Lip While It Was Numb
by JessicaR33, Nov 07, 2008
My son had 2 cavities filled and while my husband drove him home apparently my son began chewing on his numb lip.  It looks absolutely horrible.  Now it is extremely swollen, I can tell if on the inside it is a puss bubble or just yellow because of scabbing.  The top of the lips are scabbing but they are also becoming so dry that they are cracking open and bleeding.  I have been putting Aquaphor on his lips.  Does he need anitbiotics or anything else topical to promote faster healing?
by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Nov 08, 2008
How many days has it been since he bite/chewed on his lips?  It may take some time to allow it to gradually heal.  There probably isn't a need for antibiotics unless there's no improvement after three days or so.  Keep the area clean and you may want to place some topic anesthetic such as Anbesol on the area prior to eating to help with any discomfort.  Also, cold foods or crushed ice prior to eating may help with numbing the area a little.

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