My gums are growing over broken, decayed teeth- what happens now?!
by girlblushes, Oct 06, 2011
Hello, I am really scared about the state of my teeth. I have been to my dentist within the last year and at that time, she had already said that I will need ALL of my teeth extracted except the bottom front 6- this is due to lots of infection and decay after years of neglect, unfortunately..and a few other things that helped cause them to become this way. My teeth break all the time, always getting worse- and right now, I can't do ANYTHING about it because I am pregnant. But in the meantime, a lot of my teeth towards the back/molars are completely broken down to like little stubs practically, or more often than not, the "white" part of the tooth is gone but the stuff underneath has remained (it is usually a chunk of brown/reddish where the tooth used to be..whenever a tooth breaks, this is ALWAYS what they look like underneath the broken pieces- what is this and why?) but anyway, whether there is a little bit of that brownish reddish stuff or just a hole where the tooth once was, my gums are starting to rather rapidly grow OVER the spot the tooth once was! And i know that because the roots are still there, they will need to get those out, but what is going to happen now that my gums have grown over?! My gums around the area are quite swollen too, which i know is from infection. Is there a way to still remove the roots/decayed remains even after the gums have grown over?! Do they have to surgically cut through/remove the gums? Do gums always do this when a tooth is removed (whether correctly or not)? This is terrifying me! Especially since i can't do anything in the meantime and i'm afraid what is going to happen while I am waiting! ive always been SO afraid of dentists, now this is making me 10x more scared to ever go! And i've already put it off quite a long time now, even before the pregnancy issue. Please tell me what is happening with my gums growing over, how and if it can be fixed/what will need to be done, and if there's anything i can do for now! Thank you!
by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Oct 09, 2011
The most important thing is to get a proper dental cleaning and try to maintain the health of the gums and teeth as much as possible.  Yes, they can remove the roots of the teeth and depending on how much the gums grow over, it may be necessary to make a small incision to remove it.  Once you deliver your baby, I would recommend going to a dentist who can sedate you properly to remove all your teeth while you're asleep so you won't have to go through the anxiety of getting your treatment done.  

Meanwhile, keep the area as clean as possible and rinse your mouth with water daily.  You may want to consider using mouthwash once to twice a day but not more often than that.
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