Pain after deep cleaning
by napanaomi, Apr 13, 2008
Last week I finished my first round of deep cleaning, during the same time I had 3 of my metal fillings replaced with white fillings. I found it all to be very painful and the dentist had to use large amounts of meds to numb my gums, not unusual for me, for some reason I metabolize the meds quickly.)  The did the right side first, both upper and lower,  then I went back for the left side a week later and last Tuesday (3rd week) they did the fillings on the right side.  After the treatments, I experienced sensativity of all my teeth on and off...  After the last treatment where I had a large filling in my last upper right molar replaced I started to experience increased pain of the bottom teeth, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me.  My husband who has had this treatment many times assured me it would go away.  Yesturday I had no pain in my teeth and thought... final.  Then today I was eating a piece of beef and bit down on my right side and felt sudden pain. The whole right side of my jaw has hurt since then, about 9 hours.  I was just examining my teeth trying to figure out what was going on.  The gums around my teeth look fine but then I noticed lower down on the outside underneath my right bottom molars appears to be very swollen, though it is hard not soft.  The pain is deep and throbbing, not sharp.  Is this a normal side effect of the deep cleaning?  Should I worry and call the dentist on a Sunday or can it wait til Monday.  Is it possible for the deep cleaning to cause a worse infection by pushing something down further under my gums.  Thank you for you help.
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by scottmaBlank, Apr 13, 2008
Deep cleaning of gum generally yields mild to moderate discomfort no more than 48 hours.Your problems probably come from restoration procedure,specifically, occlusion of the new restoration, or dental pulp irritation.
by jenn77, Apr 16, 2008
It's not unusual to have pain or sensitivity after the procedures that you had done. If your having pain where they had to put a deep filling in, chances are you  might need a root canal if the pain doesn't go away or improve. Sensitivity and discomfort can last for about 6 months. If you are really worried about it I would go back to the dentist and have them examine everything.
by napanaomi, Apr 17, 2008
Thank you for your input.  The pain I am experiencing, still, is not in an area that I had or have any fillings.  All my fillings are on top and my problem is on the bottom.  I went to the dentist and he isn't sure why there is swelling and pain. He took an xray and looked for a signs of a broken tooth.  Nothing...  (I still think it's a secondary infection caused by the deep cleaning.)  He prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.  This is the first time I've ever had a toothache.  I'd be a grump for sure if it weren't for the 600mg. of ibuprofen I'm popping.
by calikittie, Jul 23, 2010
It hurt me like hell. My roots were really deep though because i used to do drugs and it messed them up. It was very painful to get the Novocain shots, very painful to the point of tears and gripping the chair till my knuckles were white and is even more painful 4 hrs after. As long as your roots are not deep there should really be no pain.
by grosvenor, Nov 21, 2012
Hi I went for a check up the other day n the dentis said he would recommend a deep clean! And I also need a small fillin replaced, he gave me an injection and then another two to numb the area, due in the procedure I couldn't really here him talk but he said "this is a pretty deep fillin" and he carried on and finished, and I left feelin pretty confidant my teeth were in good order- un till the feelin came back! Iv have severe pain all in my mouth I can't sleep or even think about eatin,I'm worried his made it worse and I mite now need rout canal, as all my teeth around the filled one are aching and where the filling is like somethin is wedged deep between my teeth, I go back tomorrow but don't kno what to expect!? Is this normal to have pain after treament like this and will I now need route canal?
by jennyrs001, Nov 22, 2012
I think one should not experience the discomfort for such long periods, it usually lasts for only 48 hours or so. A visit to an experienced dentist would be the best remedy I feel so that s/he can recommend what's to be done.