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Pain after fitting a crown
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Pain after fitting a crown

I had a temporary crown fitted three weeks ago.  I had a lot of pain and went back to the dentist who adjusted the bite - the pain continued - went back to the dentist who removed the temporary crown to ensure no infection - no evidence of infection but I was given antibiotics as a precaution.  I had the permanent crown fitted with temporary cement as there was still a lot of pain.  THe pain continued so the dentist removed the crown and gave me root canal treatment and fitted the permanent crown.   The pain has continued.  It is a dull continual ache that extends into my ear and jaw.   Reading blogs online it seem that the nerve in my jaw may have been damaged.  Anyone gone through similar experience?  Do I need to go back to my dentist or to a neuro doctor?
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I have been through hell with 2 crowns that were placed on my teeth 18 and 19 molars since July of 2008.  I finally get them off Monday.  I went to a dentist actually a Prosthodontist (specialist) who found out what my problem was.

I have had root canals in each tooth. I think the original dentist has my crown laying on a nerve.  just my  opinion.  My number 19 is still hurting me and the pain goes from my chin, up to my jaw and into my head. I have been getting head aches.  I have never experienced this kind of symptom before until these crowns started hurting me.  

Actually the original dentist put crowns on my teeth that were too large to begin with and why he did this I have no idea.  I think he just tried to wing it so to say and the lab made them to big due to his specifications I guess, unless they accidentally made them too big.

He denies he did anything wrong. I kept going back to him and he would tell me there was nothing wrong with the crown.   I found out it takes an expert in occlusion to see where your bite is off.    A bite being off can cause all sorts of problems I have found out and felt it.   It isn't fun that is for sure.

I'm not a dentist just a patient that has experienced alot.  My ear was bothering me also, but finally has settled down.  Most of my pain is now in my chin, jaw and head.

Some dentist tell you to wait to see if the pain goes away, that's fine, but ........ what about the fitting of the crown?   If the fitting of the crown is not right, does it need replaced?    This is what my dentist should have done for me the 2nd time I came back to him, but he didn't.     If he would have taken the crown off and replaced it with a new one, I might not have ended up in all the pain I have gone through.

All dentist are different and tell you different things sometimes.  I would go to a specialist if I were you if you have not already.  

This site suggested I see a Prosthdontist and this is the type of dentist who found out what my problem was.  

I'm not saying General Dentist are not good, but sometimes 2 heads are better than 1 at trying to figure things out and where the problem might be with the crown or tooth.

I have a gap between my teeth now 19 and 20 from my inferior fitting crown.  It still moves when I eat, so it feels that it does.  I guess the only thing a person can do is try to get the problem fixed.    It is not ethical for a dentist to leave a patient in pain and then say to them there isn't anything wrong.   If you are in pain, there is definitely something wrong or you would not be in pain.

I don't know what your dentist is telling you,but I would get a second opinion since you have already had a root canal.

You are lucky you didn't get it cemented on permanently.   My tooth is still in pain on 19 and I was also told that if a tooth is in pain do not get a the permanent crown cemented on permanently until my pain in gone.  

Good Luck.     I thought I was the only one who ever experienced this problem, I am finding out more and more are experiencing it also.  I guess we all need more excellent occlusionist in the world of denistry.    

I don't know what caused your jaw problem, but I know what caused mine, it was the inferiror crown.  A porcelain crown that is too high will never work itself down to be comfortable without creating some sort of problem and often the reality is that the dentist doesn't want to adjust the crown and then send it back to the lab to be refinished and then come back to reseat the crow, because of time and cost. I see  Negligence.

Winging it and thinking the patient is going to be ok is not acceptable in my books.

Was my dentist negligent or incompetent?    I had substandard quality of care in my eyes.   I hope you have a better dentist who will rectify your problem and help you with your problem to the end.    Mine did not. Clear up to January 22, 2009 he was stating nothing was wrong.

If not, the best thing you can do is to notify your county dental society first and then go from there.   After you notify them they will let you know if you need to proceed further.

It becomes all about the investigation of whether the treating doctor was negligent, incompetent, or just a poor result.

January 8th, 2009 my original dentist had told me I would just have to get use to the crown the way it was unless I wanted to jeaopardize my nerve.  LOL   My nerve had already been damaged from the crown to my suprise and I also think that because of the trauma of constant pounding on the tooth the tissue below the tooth was bruised and damaged.  

Telling a patient that they will get used to a crown being uncomfortable is ridiculous.

Porcelain crowns can cause problems when they aren't in proper occlusion.

I tried to talk to my original dentist about it and he denied he did anything wrong. I hope your admits to something and why you might still be in pain.

And here is another thing, if a crown is made right from the lab why did it need all these ajustments? Usually the crown is ajusted very slightly the day of cementing and this is all, it should not need to be adjusted 3 or 4 times if it was made right I found out.

Again good luck.   I hope your dentist is compassionate and comforting towards you as mine was not and was asinine and difficult to deal with because he would not admit he made a mistake.  

If the crowned tooth was asymptomatic before restorative procedure, possible cause of your current complaints is occlusal interference.If your restorative dentist can not adjust the bite optimally, seeing an occlusionist or prosthodontist is advised.
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