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Pain in Gum Behind Wisdom Tooth; Cracking Ear; Gum Infection; Please He...
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Pain in Gum Behind Wisdom Tooth; Cracking Ear; Gum Infection; Please Help


This is a great forum and I've climbed through other people's experiences but haven't found an answer to my own yet. Hoping to find someone who may have some insight to my problem before going down the rabbit hole of seeing doctors or specialists (I don't have insurance at the moment).

Here are the details:

- seven months ago I had my teeth cleaned; all was normal except at the end of my checkup, my dentist said I should keep an eye on my right rear wisdom tooth because there was a bit of movement.

- six months ago I noticed an odd sense of pressure in my right ear.

- this roughly coincided with a throat infection (antibiotics cleared it up) - hurt as hell - not sure if it's related.

- following the throat infection, I experienced ongoing tightness of the throat. Sometimes hard to swallow and speak. Continues to this day.

- about nine weeks ago I experienced soreness in my gum behind my right wisdom tooth. It went away eventually (lots of rinsing).

- ear pressure continues....

- six weeks ago I developed severe pain in my right jaw. Antibiotics cleared it up for about a week, but the pain came back.

- when it came back, I was in agony with pain in my jaw. Couldn't sleep or think... A few days later I had developed a periodontal (gum) abscess below my rear right molar - the tooth in front of the questionable wisdom tooth.

- my dentist drained the abscess (yes, sorry... gross) and put me on antibiotics. (Diagnosis was a periodontal pocket which has since healed quickly.)

- this cleared things up (severe, life altering head throbbing pain is gone thank god) and things were back to normal.

- that was a week ago.

- however, now I am experiencing the same pain behind my wisdom tooth. The gum is sore in a small region behind the tooth. I have pressure in my right ear and it's sometimes hard to swallow.


I do clench my teeth, but I don't think this is TMJ. I'm not a doctor, but I am wondering if my wisdom tooth is creating infection problems for me. I'm 39, so I'm not teething :)

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PierreT -  I am in the middle of my own wisom tooth crisis. All I can say is that it certainly sounds like a wisdom tooth problem. Your endodontist should be able to answer that easily. My advice is to have your wisom teeth removed NOW. Don't wait. I has become one of my greatest regrets. You are 39, I am 47. The best time for wisdom tooth extraction is in your 20's, the worst time - what presents the most possibility for complications is after age 40. You are right there. It sounds apparent that even if this is not "the" problem, they are in fact "a" problem and that will not go away or get better. If you were family or friend, I would literally beg you to get this procedure done within 30 days. As a stranger, I can only hope that you will heed the advice of someone who made the mistake of waiting. I would save you the pain and suffering if I could. Hope that helps. Be well.
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