Painful Tori
by dell186, Feb 07, 2010
I have had a tori in the roof of mouth for as long as I can remember. I am 49 years old. A dentist saw it once and explained to me that it was nothing to worry about. In the last week, the tori has become painful on one side only. It hurts to swallow and when I press on it it really hurts. I used some oragel for pain relief but it didn't last long.  I thought maybe I had injured it, but the pain isn't going away and it really hurts.  What do I do? Do I see an oral surgeon? I don't want to have it removed unless it is the only way the pain will go away. Why is the tori suddenly hurting and will the pain go away on its own??  
by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Feb 08, 2010
How long has the pain been present?

The tissue on the tori tends to be a little thinner and therefore more sensitive to injury.  If its fairly recent, it may take some time to heal and get better.  But if it seems like its not improving much at all, I would consider going to a dentist or oral surgeon to get it checked out.  They may recommend removing it.  
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by dell186, Feb 08, 2010
Thank you for your prompt response. I have had the pain for about 10 days. Sometimes it feels like the pain is lessening,  but, then it will start hurting real bad again.How long should an injury to a tory take to heal? Will warm salt water help the healing process?I am thinking I will wait another week before going to a dentist or oral surgeon.
by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Feb 10, 2010
I would imagine it would normally heal in a week or so.  Its possible you're re-injuring it again but I would consider making an appointment to see an oral surgeon about it since they'll most likely be removing it.