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Periodontal disease after chemotherapy
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Periodontal disease after chemotherapy


I had interferon alfa treatment for HCV a year ago. Now i've gradually developed periodontal disease, with pockets, and a gum boil.

The area around the gum boil was slightly painful. Today morning the gum boil ruptured during brushing, leaving a large area ulcer on the gums. It looks pretty scary.  The pain subsided after the rupture.

It doesnt seem to be Acrute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG), because it wasnt  very painful. I also dont have a fever. The ulcer was caused by brushing my teeth, leading to gum boil rupture.

Can ulcers occur witih normal periodontal disease withiout ANUG?

What should be the treatment plan?
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Seeing a periodontist is advised.
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