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I had a consultation with a periodontist.result: pockets of 4-5 and a couple at 6mm and an 8mm. They want to do a scaling in quadrants, doing 2 quads at a time..a couple of hours each sitting. I have another consultation tomorrow at 7:40 with a dental office that offers perio protect system. That is $2,000 for 2 sets of mouth trays, about $60 a month for the medicine. They are saying I would have 1 set of trays at first, use for about 6 weeks and once my gums were shrinking, would have a 2nd fitting and the 2nd set of trays to fit the gums. Any trays after that would be $200.  My question. Would you suggest that the perio protect system and would I be foolish to think it might work and shrink my pockets (not the money pockets only) but my mouth pockets significantly? Or should I save the $2000 and just go have the scaling done in May?  I was my hope that if I did the perio protect, and after 6 weeks before the scaling appointment, if the pockets had been reduced and the procedure was working, I could cancel the scaling and save more money..  I have been on forums and am very confused as to what to do.
Help me. Oh and my gums are bleeding when I brush now, they hadn't before the periodontist was probing around.
They bled last night and a little bit this morning, but are back to not bleeding now.
Thank you for any opinion you can give me.
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This is only my opinion on your problem.  I, too, have periodontitis.  My pocket depths were similar to yours.

I had the root scaling and planing done in my entire mouth.  It has reduced my pockets to a manageable 2-3 with one 5mm pocket in the back.  I go for cleanings every three months and stick to a rigorous cleaning regiment.  This is super important if you have periodontitis.

I think the problem I would see with the perioprotect system is that it seems to do nothing to remove the plaque that has formed below the gumline.  The only way to get rid of it is to have the RSP or have it removed with a laser.  The plaque below the gumline where you can't reach it is why your gums bleed and pockets form.  This plaque will continue to dissolve the bone around your teeth.  If you don't remove it, you still have the problem. The antibiotics in the perioprotect only last while they are there.
I'm not sure I see how the perioprotect will do anything to remove the plaque that breeds the bacteria.

Perhaps you could ask the dentist that has plans for the perioprotect system how that will remove the plaque below the gumline?  Leaving it there and placing something on top of it won't solve the problem of it being there.  Plaque breeds the bacteria that will dissolve your bone.  You can try and kill the bacteria for a short time with antibiotics but if you don't remove the source, what good is it?

As a periodontal sufferer myself, I would really like to know.  So far, I have lost four teeth to periodontal disease and will try just about anything to save the teeth I have left.  Without them being "squeaky" clean below the gumline, I don't see how that could be achieved.

This is just my opinion and I really do seek answers to some of the questions you have proposed, too.

Please post again with what you decide to do and let us know how it goes.
Best to you,
P.S.  If you decide to go with the RSP like I did, get some toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  Any work you have done now will probably shrink your gums (to reduce pocket size) and that can start to expose some of the root.  The toothpaste will help with the sensitivity you can get after the procedure.

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