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Problems with front teeth after root canals
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Problems with front teeth after root canals

I fainted back in Sep 2011 and fell and broke three of my front teeth.  My upper left front tooth and the one to the left of that had to have root canals and then crowns placed on them.  They came out very nice however, I am still having pain in the teeth.  It's not a shooting pain but rather a pain when ANY pressure is on the tooth.  I cannot hardly bite into a banana even.

I have been back to my dentist numerous times for bite adjustments.  My regular dentist did the root canals herself.  I did not even know that there was such a person as an endodontist at the time.  Anyhow, a couple of months ago, I went to an endo for a 2nd opinion.  He looked at my xrays and said that it looks like the root canals were done well however, he cannot guarantee that they were cleaned well and said that I should not have had any pain after 6-8 weeks.  He said the only thing he can do is to repeat the root canal.

I returned back to my dentist and she said that she cleaned them very well.  I do trust her, but I just do not know what to do next.  She said that my teeth were so traumatized after the fall that she worries that doing a root canal will only weaken them further.  I'm so scared about losing my teeth.  If these weren't my top front teeth, I would risk another root canal however, I've heard that implants on the front of the mouth are very difficult.  I hate to admit it, but I am kind of vain with my teeth and this really worries me.

Are there any dental people out there that can give me any advice.  I'm ready to starting looking up implant specialists in Los Angeles because I want to have the best of care.  

I love the way my teeth look now, but I simply cannot live the rest of my life with pain in my teeth.  I'm 50 years old and female.
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I can't really say what you should do as to another RCT, but I can tell you I have four implants across my top front teeth with crowns.

I waltzed myself into a plate glass door and bashed my face in.  Last time I play with my dog!

I eventually lost the top four to implants.  While it was very traumatic when I found out, I find I love them!  They look SO much better than my real teeth did.  I choose a bit whiter and they will stay that way.  I do go for cleanings 4x a year.  Couldn't be happier!

Don't be afraid of the procedures if it gets you where you want to go.  Implants for me was a relatively painless process, just long.  I love my crowns.  They teeth are as natural as I had before, only better.

If a second RCT fails, you can get an implant.  Or, you may just want to go right to an implant.  My DH did that when we decided there just wasn't enough tooth to do a RCT on without possible failure.  He went right to the implant and he now has 8 of them.  He also loves them and has had the first 6 for over 10 years.

Hope this helps a bit.
GOOD LUCK and my best to you,
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Hi Gellia:

You have made me feel so much better about all of this!  Thank you!

Can you tell me this..after you had the implants placed in your mouth, I've been told that you have to wait sometimes six months or so to heal before they can put the final tooth on it.  What do you do in the meantime?  I refuse to walk around missing two or three upper teeth in the front of my mouth!

I'm a little confused by a few things because the implant doc I saw before I had the RCT said you had to wait for healing after the implant but then I see things on tv and in our newspaper where you can get it all done in one day...  I would want to do it the right way of course for the best possible outcome.

Also, when I have laugh hard or smile hard, you can see my gums.  How does your gum line look.  Were these your front upper teeth you had done?

Can I ask where about you live and what city you had your implants done?  

I think I'm going to make another second opinion with an endodondist and get on with this so that it will be one less thing to worry about some point down the road for me.

Thanks so much and I hope you get back to me soon!
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Hi again,
You are right that it does take time, but great things take time to build.  

I had my implants done on the top front four teeth.  They were placed at the same time I had the teeth removed.  Then it was a wait of 6 months while the implants integrated into the bone.
I used a removable metal partial during that time and was very pleased with it.  For less teeth they have what are called "flippers".  They are basically the same as the RMP but there is no metal in them.

The teeth were beautiful on my RMP and it held on by small clips to my back teeth that you couldn't see at all.  
I was never without it either.  Wore it to bed at night and slept in it.  The only time the partial came out of my mouth was when I showered or brushed my teeth at night.  Then back it went.  Vain??  You bet!!  My DH never once saw me without teeth.  

Once the implants were integrated, I went for the healing caps.  No biggee.  It's a small procedure where they make an incision over the implant and screw in a button type thing to help form the gumline for around the crown.  Two weeks after that, I got my crowns and have been VERY pleased with the results.

I don't have a "gummy" smile but am older so did have alot of gum recession.  They can do some work when you have the implant done (it's called "guided tissue replacement") if they think things will show, but even being a bit "long in the tooth", where the crown meets the gumline is still fine with me.
You can have different types of crowns made, too.  There are many options for "gummy" smiles.  Just ask your dentist.  

I think you're going to be just fine!  Just try to focus on the end result of things, even with just an RCT and crown.  Perfection takes time and my bet is that it will all go perfectly.

GOOD LUCK and let is know how you do.  Love a good success story!!

My very best to you,

P.S.  I live in NJ at the Jersey Shore.  My oral surgeon is just the best!  Great guy and does fabulous work.

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