by essbeep, Mar 10, 2006
Hi all. I had a tooth prepared for a crown on Tues. March 7. After the carbocaine wore off, i decided to have lunch and when i bit down on that side, a SHOCK of pain went through my i "hit a nerve." I called the dentist and they said it was most likely cuz the truth had been traumatized. It's now Friday morning, Marc 10 and it STILL hurts to bite down if there is food there, not just the bite alone - only the added pressured of something between the teeth when biting down... i did not have a root canal, and i did go to the dentist yesterday afternoon to have him look at it. He said the gum and crown look good and he did file it down a bit, but it also hurts when i press from the side or even just wiggle my's not an ache, it feels like nerve/root pain. Long ago i had a freak extra root and had a root canal with NO novacaine and boy do i know what root/nerve pain feels like. This is similar but the dentist said i should take a NSAID and let it heal for a few more days. Does this sound right? thanks, Sue
by Jerome Bogin, D.D.S. Blank, Mar 11, 2006
Sue that does seem like excessive pain. I could understand a day or so but you should be able to function with the temp. Is the temp loose or is the prep too close to the nerve. If this discomfort doesn't subside considerably then I think you might have to consider RCT.
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by Duri, Mar 10, 2006
I am waiting for the same answer. I had a tooth filling crack several months ago and probably let it go for too long. About three weeks ago it really starting hurting right in the center of the tooth where the filling was. Yesterday, I went to the dentist. She said that I had No Tooth Decay and was preping it for a crown. I got the temp crown and I am still experiencing a great deal of pain when i eat something where I am biting down of the tooth with food. My gums feel fine. I am concerned because when she gave me the novicane I could still feel tremendous pain when she was drilling for the temp crown and I am now feeling the same pain as i did (when biting on food) before the temp crown.
by essbeep, Mar 11, 2006
Hi Duri , YES! during the procedure i could FEEL pain -- the Dentist looked at me on Thursday and said all looks good.. but did NOT take xrays. He also said he saw no EVIDENCE of decay or exposed root, etc. and that it shoud die down. I have had this before with NO pain when the novaciaine wore off but for gum soreness from the needle entrance site.. I get my permanent crown  in ten days but no way can i see that happening with this pain -- i can NOT eat on that side of the mouth at all -- it's that painful. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US??
by essbeep, Mar 11, 2006
Hi. Today is day 5 since the crown preparation. I saw the Dentist two days ago and he looked it over and filed the temp down and said  it should subside. I asked if i could have infection, damage, et. and he said "none was visible" while preparing the tooth. This is a back molar on top (not the wisdom tooth but in front of that) and had about a 15 year old silver/mercury HUGE filling and the toothe was cracking in the back. The dentist (whom i have gone to for 10 years) told me i needed to have that filling taken out and a crown put on. He did the removal of filling Tuesday, whittled the tooth down and put the temp on - it fits GREAT. Today, Saturday, it STILL hurts when i bite down IF there is food there...or a piece of paper, i.e. any pressure past normal bite is painful. It is a little tiny bit less than it was two days ago... but still hurts to bite down...the pain feels deep, like it's "inside" the crown... what could cause that???? Could he have gone to far with the "whittling down" and expose the nerves? I am baffled as to why 8it still hurts..Thanks..Sue
by Achates, May 10, 2006
I would be very interested to hear whether things improved for you, or what steps were taken, if any.  I hope you're better.  Thanks.
by nomorenicknames, May 19, 2006
Please let us know the outcome. I am having biting/touch pain. It was the thing that lead to my root canal 4 months ago. Since the root canal the pain is worse. N
by Mhodgell, May 23, 2006

I had a temp. crown put on Tuesday, May 16th.  The tooth they put the crown had a root canal done on it in 1999.  A few hours after the numbness wore off, I was feeling a lot of pain.  I just figured the area was sore, and so I took Motrin.  By Friday, May 19th I still needed the Motrin.  And instead of needing it every 8 hours, I was now taking 800 mg Motrin every 4 hours.  So I called the dentist since by now I figured I can't still be sore from the crown prep.  The doctor wasn't in Friday, so I didn't get to be seen until yesterday, Monday, May 22nd.  Over the weekend my pain became unbearable.  My whole face hurts, my temple, and my neck too.  I've been crying at least 2 hours a day (between one motrin wearing off and the next beginning to work).  And let me just say I have a high tolerance for pain, I gave birth with absolutely no medication whatsoever, and this pain is much worse than that.  So yesterday he filed the temp. crown down, and said it was probably the bite alignment.  Well, I had no relief.  In fact, it felt even worse after I left the dentist's office.  I went back in today, they took an x-ray of the tooth.  The dentist thought maybe the root canal had re-grown nerves.  But after he looked at the x-ray, he saw no evidence of nerve regrowth.  However, he showed me on the x-ray, there is this large (size of a quarter) white mass underneath my root canal.  He said he had never seen this before and didn't know what it was.  He said it looked like a boney growth under my tooth.  So he thinks the pain may have something to do with that, but he's not able to make any connection to why the pain is there.  He can only guess that by him drilling on my tooth for the crown prep, he disturbed this boney growth.  Tomorrow I'm going to see an endodontist.  I'm really scared, and my face hurts so much.  Do you have any idea what could be happening or what this mass is underneath my tooth?
by bigdee420, Nov 23, 2008
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