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Severe pain following "whitening" toothpaste
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Severe pain following "whitening" toothpaste

I bought a strong whitening toothpaste and used it frequently for a few days in combination with dental strips.  After about 48 hours, I began to feel terrible pain in my four front upper and lower teeth.  It is now 5 day later and I continue to have severe (10 out of 10) pain in my chin and in my front teeth.  I am actually unable to touch my upper teeth to my lower teeth without almost fainting from the pain.  I have been to two dentists. One prescribed a flouride toothpaste (no help) and the other charged me over $4,000 to seal the bottom of my teeth.  I am unable to sleep or eat because of the pain.  Last night I found a 24 hr pharmacy and started taking Augmentin, 500 mg/ TID.  I spoke to the second dentist today and she has switched me to Clindamycin and 800 mg Motrin.  After the Motrin wears off (about 5 hours after I take it, I am, once again, in severe pain. The second dentist mentioned something about bone necrosis in my jaw and that she would take x-rays in about 10 days.  I have always taken good care of my teeth.  Would you please let me know what you think is going on and if I will ever get relief from this unbelieveable, all consuming pain?

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It sounds like your teeth became demineralized and dehydrated and that is what is causing the pain.  After whitening treatments, a re-mineralizing gel is supposed to be applied to prevent sensitivity.  Do a search for mineralizing gels.  Here is one I found:  Try looking at for other brands.  Dr. Collins brand has a mineralizing toothpaste that I use.

There are natural and gentler ways of whitening your teeth, even using strawberries alone or combined with baking soda.  Take a look at:

Unless your teeth are really dark, I would leave them alone.  Too white does not look natural.  Once they start decaying, it gets really expensive and most dentists are in it for the money.  I recently ordered a HydroFloss oral irrigator to reduce and hopefully eliminate tooth decay and gum disease.  I read that most people brush too hard and that causes erosion and staining results and more susceptible to decay.
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Here is another link:

Tooth sensitivity is the most common complaint dentists hear, apparantly one in five adults in the USA suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity is a short sharp pain felt when the tooth is exposed to hot/cold and sweet/sour food or drink. In extreme cases just exposure to cold air can cause pain for people with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity occurs because the enamel of the tooth has been worn down and the dentin is left exposed.

There are many causes of tooth sensitivity, the most common are

    * Bruxism - teeth grinding
    * Loose or missing fillings/crowns
    * Cracked Tooth
    * Gum Disease/gingivitis
    * Gum Recession
    * Plaque
    * Vigorous abrasive brushing
    * Teeth Whitening
    * Acidic Foods

Preventing and treating tooth sensitivity is easy with the many products available

    * Use a desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne
    * Use a flouride mouthwash
    * Our remineralising gel will rehydrate your teeth, specifically densigned for sensitivity caused by bleaching your teeth.
    * Avoid frequent intakes of acidic foods.
    * Wear a nightguard if your sensitvity is caused by grinding your teeth.
    * Use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
    * Brush your teeth gently, an electric toothbrush will help.

You should visit your dentist if you experience tooth sensitivity so that they can recommend the best treatment whether over the counter or surgical. If none of the above methods relieve your tooth sensitivity then it is likely the dentist will carry out a procedure called iontophoresis whereby the sensitivity is treated with a positive electric current while flouride is applied.
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I have the exact pain as what you described. Used a whitening tooth paste for more than a week and now I have a terrible pain in my front tooth. I am unable to touch the top tooth with my bottom tooth. I have been to the dentist and had an x-ray. Dentist said everything looks fine and asked me to wait for 2 weeks. But the pain is killing me. I am using sensodyne from past 2 weeks and last night got a floride mouth wash. Also ordered for a remineralising tooth paste. I am just wondering if you have managed to get rid of the pain? How long does it take?

Thanks in advance.
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