Severe tooth, jaw, face pain after minor filling - 2nd Opinion?
by All4Him, Jan 31, 2006
Had a "minor" cavity filled 2 weeks ago. About 8 days later developed pain in same area -- now it is severe pain around tooth, jaw and neck/face. Saw my dentist yest; took xrays; may have a tiny dead nerve but he's not sure? Teeth are in tact and ok to tap on. Thinks its definately infection. Started antibiotics yest; no change yet. Should I get 2nd opinion; call a periodontist? Any sugg. for easing the pain; taking motrin for it currently. Thank you ~
by Matthew Baron, D.M.D.Blank, Jan 31, 2006
Could be a multitude of things.  Too tough to tell without examining you and looking at xrays.   Usually, it takes about two full days for the antibiotic to work on infection so give it more time to see if infection.
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by Louiset65, Jan 31, 2006
I had a basically the same symptoms...Went to 2 dentist and 2 doctors with no help..started doing some research on the internet of my syptoms..It wound up being a muscular problem.I am now seeing a Neuromuscular Dentist and I am getting TENS Treatments and I have to wear a Dental Orthotic at night. The pain is almost gone since this treatment. I still have some minor pain. I think that will go away in time..Hope this helps a little.
by mike1105, Jan 31, 2006
your filling may be too high... is it the first thing you touch when you bite??? just an idea.
by mike1105, Feb 02, 2006
i doubt this is a "neuromuscular" problem.
by gumdoc, Feb 10, 2006
The restoration may be "high", causing excessive pressure on that tooth.  That can lead to a multitude of symptoms.  Also, if the fillling was a "white" composite filling, it is possible to have some sensitivity from the chemicals used during the filling.
by cowdoc, Feb 27, 2006
I had a filling replaced about 10 weeks ago. The filling had been out 2 years or so, and some decay had set in. My dentist refilled it, and it continues to give a lot of pain even now yet. About 7 weeks ago he did another, and it was sensitive to cold before he refilled it. I asked if it were too far gone, he tapped, said no, and proceded to fill. Well, it now hurts when I eat almost any hot or cold (VERY sensitive to cold) food, and in fact makes all my teeth and jaw hurt sometimes so bad(mostly an ache) I have to stop eating for a while. I feel pain up in the sinus area also,as well as a headache in that area. Now a THIRD tooth he did 3 weeks ago is also getting sensitive to cold, where before it was ok before he filled it. His explaination was that the pulp needs time to adjust to the filling, and the pulp swells which touches the nerve. Its been a long time in waiting...are the teeth simply re-adjusting yet? Or are they "too far gone" maybe? Thanks
by funkynina, Mar 06, 2006
Louiset65:  I think the filling it too high also.
cowdoc:  I do know that tooth colored or "white" fillings can be very sensitive for up to a couple of weeks (usually to only cold).  If your tooth is sensitive to hot though I would try to see an endodontist because this usually indicates that root canal treatment is needed.  It is very true that the pulp/nerve of your tooth is affected by the treatment.  Why are you having fillings replaced?  Did you have more decay on these teeth or are you having this done for cosmetic reasons?  I don't think you should have a filling replaced if it has no problems just for the cosmectic state.  If your tooth is waking you up at night this is a good indication it may need a root canal or is about to have an infection. I know there are several materials availible to dentist.  Maybe you could reccomment he do some sort of sealant just to make sure the bond of the filling of the tooth occurred.  If the pain subsides it may indicate that the filling had a microscopic open margin between tooth structure and the filling allowing bacteria, air, water etc. to get inside. An open margin can occur for several reasons.  One definately being that when your filling was cured inside of your mouth with the curing light it causes the material to be drawn to the light.  So if you could imagine that microscopically you could have the margin open.  I'm sure this happens a lot. It isn't anything your dentist has or has not done. If the dentist is not willing to fix the tooth for you to be comfortable I would definately go to another dentist for an opinion.  Good luck!!
by madden05, Mar 23, 2006
last monday had a filling done, and my tooth bonded from a stain left from when i had braces almost 10 years ago.
this past tuesday i started have excurciating pain in my lower mouth, but i cannot pin point which tooth it is. went to my dentist today. tapped on both teeth nothing bothered me, told me to take motrin during the day, and the tylenol with codine at night if i needed it. I do not know h ow to tell which tooth is giving me a problem. any suggestions on how i can pin point the problem.
by funkynina, Mar 27, 2006
madden05: Have you been on an antibiotic recently for anything? Sometimes this can mask infection on an x-ray and make it hard to tell which one is the true problem. Does your tooth just hurt spontaniously? Does it wake you up at night? Does it hurt when you eat hot or cold? Does it hurt when you are eating-chewing? Take a q-tip and place it on top of one tooth in the area where you are hurting. Bite down on it, does that hurt?, then open your mouth, does it hurt when you open after biting on the q-top? Try this on every tooth in the area that is hurting. See if any of them cause pain. Sometimes a crack in a tooth can be very hard to detect. Let me know what you think. I would be glad to give any help.