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Teeth sensitive after root canals
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Teeth sensitive after root canals

I'm a 32 year old female lucky enough to have inherited my mother's teeth problems. I had my first root canal when I was 15. Since then I've had 3 more. The first one went OK. I subsequently had to put a crown on that tooth.

I had my second root canal on a lower molar about 10 years ago and that went OK.

The third one was on my front tooth due to some growth on the nerve (the tooth was not decayed). This was 5 or so years ago. Two weeks after that root canal I started to experience pain in that tooth. Went in and out of the dentist's who could see nothing wrong. In the end went to endodontist and did a re-treatment which calmed the sensitivity down to a bearable level. But for 5 years that tooth has felt different. Not painful but there is still feeling to it when I touch, and if I'm under stress the gum around that tooth would become tender. There are days when I don't notice that tooth (usually when I'm calm). I was told that I might be hyper-sensitive and that my nerves are very close to the surface.

Last year I had a very bad tooth pain on one of my lower molars (next to the second root canal) and needed to have a root canal there too. During x-rays the dentist noticed absess (abscess) on the second root canal. She said it may have been there for years and sent me to an endodontist. She also performed the fourth root canal and that was OK for 2 weeks.

The re-treatment of the second root canal went OK but the tip of the root was quite difficult to reach. No pain, but the x-ray still shows some absess (abscess). The endodontist thinks we should leave it for another 6 months and see if it clears. If not she will recommend apisectomy.

But the fourth root canal which both the dentist and the endodontist think looks great now feels the same way as the third - I.e. I can feel that tooth on touch. No pain when I'm eating or anything, but when the tooth is being tapped I feel it.

In the meantime it now seems that the first root canal has the same problem as the second - absess (abscess), and will require retreatment.

I am at a loss - root canals that seem perfect on the X-ray give me trouble. Those that develop absess (abscess) I can't feel at all and everything seems great.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?
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After my root canal I had pain in the tooth with the x-ray showing the end of the root not treated. The dentist redid the root canal to his satisfaction on x-ray.  

I still had mild pain with sideways pressure and the dentist told me that sometimes happens if a small twig of the nerve is left. Nothing to be done about it.

I went to a better dentist who showed me some bone erosion of the root on the x-ray and said that was causing the tenderness. Still, nothing to be done about it.

Seems there are better and worse dentists and it's very hard to tell who is the good dentist.

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