Tooth Erupting from side of Gum
by CAM93, Jan 19, 2009
My daughter is 10 years old and goes to the dentist at least once a year for her checkup/cleaning.  Just recently she brought it to my attention that she has three teeth growing through the sides of her upper gums.  Two of these teeth appear to be molars and the one in particular is growing very high on the side of the gumline.  The other appears to be the third (maybe fourth) tooth from the left front.  The teeth below them are baby teeth and in no way are loose.  She states that they do not cause her any discomfort or pain.  I have made an appointment with an orthodontist since it is already a given that she will eventually need braces to correct other crooked teeth.   Is this "normal" in the sense that I don't need to be alarmed? What causes this to happen? What is typically done to correct this?  I just don't have any idea what to expect when I get to the orthodontist's office.  Thank you.
by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Jan 19, 2009
I wouldn't be too concerned about it in regards to any problems such as an infection or anything.  It is definitely a good idea to get a checkup with the orthodontist.  He/she will be better able to explain your specific situation and what needs to be done to get your daughter's teeth straightened out.  What would most likely happen is what you imagine, which is they'll put some of those metal brackets on, attach it to that wire and pull the teeth into place.  

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