Tooth sensitivity/pain after old filling replaced
by nigamprabhat, Feb 18, 2009
An old white composite filling recently fell out of one of my back teeth (2nd from last on bottom of mouth). The filling was a compound filling covering the top of the tooth and going down the backside of the tooth. I never had any tooth sensitivity or pain from this tooth with the initial filling.

Since the filling has been replaced with the same type of composite material, I have had minor sensitivity to hot and cold, but more importantly, I have had some moderate pain whenever I bite down on something firm or crunchy. My dentist told me that when a composite filling hardens, it actually shrinks a little and could be pulling in the sides of the tooth a little. He further stated that when I bite down on something firm, that adds some additional flex to the tooth, which is causing the pain.

I went back to my dentist who then drilled a small trench down the middle of the tooth to release any inward pressure that the filling my have been applying, then refilled the tooth a little bit at a time, which was supposed to keep the composite material from pulling the sides of the tooth inward during this process. Its now several days later and I still experience the same moderate pain from that tooth when eating something firm or crunchy.

I believe that my dentist’s next step will be to totally redo the filling by removing the filling in its entirety and refilling the whole tooth.

Has any experienced this type or problem and how did you have it resolved? Would a silver filling fix this problem? Does anyone know of any other reason why my tooth would be pressure sensitive, other than the explanation I received from my dentist?
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by nigamprabhat, Feb 18, 2009
Tahnku Sir,

if restoration is very near to the pump then what can i do ???????????
by nigamprabhat, Feb 19, 2009
Thanku Sir,

but i feel when i touch my teeth only a part of filling will be hurt not hole filling.
Yesterday i went to my dentist he again reducing my original tooth structure after this pain may be reduce ple help me.....................
by nigamprabhat, Feb 20, 2009
Thanku Sir,

after reducing , i feel pain some relief but my teeth hunting continued. my dentist done x-ray and found root is perfect. but my teeth hunting and air sensitivity.
by ShellyMae, Mar 31, 2010
Oh my gosh. I have had a very simular experience. I went to my denist and he said I had a few cavities. One was large and I had that one filled. Great job, no pain. Then he fills a tooth that was a small cavity that was not hurting to begin with. Now everytime I bite down on food it's very painful. My dentist took out the filling and refilled it and it was fine for 5 days and now it's right back to hurting alot when I chew food. Does anyone know what can be done? It this the dentist fault? I wish I would have left it alone. It was not hurting before I had it filled.
by scottmaBlank, Apr 01, 2010
Your descriptions suggest occlusal inteference introduced by new restorations, which is extremely common after restorative work. If your dentists can not adjust occlusion or bite optimally, you may need to see an occlusionist or prosthodontist.