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Top wisdom tooth extraction and air travel

I'm scheduled to get my top left wisdom tooth extracted due to tooth decay (cavity).

I have an 8 hour flight exactly 10 days after the extraction is scheduled.

Is it safe to fly 10 days after your top wisdom tooth extraction? I've read you can get sinus problems.

Please tell me if I should fly or not.

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I would think it should be fine.  It depends on how complicated the extraction is.  Sometimes with a wisdom tooth, it can have its roots near the sinus and as a result, the sinus can be perforated and put you at greater risk for a sinus infection as the bacteria in the mouth can travel to the sinus.  The doctor would probably plug it up and put you on antibiotics and nasal decongestants and tell you not to blow your nose, etc.  

I would recommend posting this in the oral and maxillofacial surgery section and asking the oral surgeon for his opinion as he probably does more wisdom teeth in a day than I do in a year.  

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