Torn flap of skin that connects upper lip to gum
by April2, Oct 21, 2011
My 16 month old grandson just tore the flap of skin that connects the upper lip to the gum while he was at daycare today. It looks like it tore completely away and is just flapping skin. My daughter took him to the doctor.
I was just wondering how important this piece of skin is and whether it will grow back or will need a stitch or if the flap of skin will need to be removed or what.
Should he see a dentist or will a regular doctor sufice? We felt his front teeth and they didn't feel loose. He did have quite a bit of blood but it appears it was just from the torn piece of skin.
Is there anything else that should or can be done?

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by Gellia, Oct 22, 2011
Hi April,
Not to worry.  The frenulum is a rudimentary piece of skin.  Many times it is purposefully cut because it can be restrictive.

Your grandson should be just fine.  

Hope this helps.
My best to you,
by April2, Nov 02, 2011
It's actually healing up quite nicely now. :) Fortunately it wasn't torn all the way like we first thought. Thanks!