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Unealthy/Sore looking tongue [+Pics]
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Unealthy/Sore looking tongue [+Pics]


Not really sure how to go about discussing my tongue online but here goes:

Something that has been bothering me as long as I can recall. The general state of my tongue is quite poor. I have what appear to be bite marks along the sides, the surface of my tongue at times resembles a map, and I have a fissure of sorts along the centre of my tongue. It would appear that I have geographic tongue...
I have been brushing my teeth regularly, and also my tongue - with some success. At times my tongue looks almost completely healthy, and at other times distinctly unhealthy!

I have spoken to my dentist about this and she has assured me that the condition of my mouth is fine - but would you be satisfied with my tongue (as per the pictures)...? I doubt it!

If I actually do have geographic tongue, that would go some way to explaining the troubling look of my tongue - however I have recently been entertaining the idea that while I sleep I am rubbing my tongue along the edges of my teeth. [probably better condition than usual heh]

Picture 1 just gives you the general overview of my problem!
But the real motivation behind this post is found in picture 2 + 3. You probably can see what I am referring to, sore areas surrounded by a faint white border. These come and go, and are a nuisance. I have been seriously considering having my dentist create a gum shield, if possible, to prevent my tongue from rubbing against my teeth.
In fact I phoned my dental practice today to arrange something along those lines (but no answer, closes early on friday).

To those dental experts among you;
What are your thoughts on my tongue?
Do the pictures suggest that I am indeed biting/rubbing my tongue along my teeth?
Would a gum shield prevent those 'sores' as pictured in 2 + 3?
Could diet be at fault? (I eat healthily and as far as I know have no particular intolerance).

Thanks a lot for any ideas!!!

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You do not have geographic tongue based on those pictures.  Your tongue actually looks fairly normal.  Everyone's tongue takes quite a bit of abuse being in the mouth exposed to nearly everything, including the teeth.  As long as those spots aren't painful, there really is nothing to do about it.  
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