What dental work caused my lisp? How can I fix it?
by ced167, Dec 03, 2008
In July, I got a filling on the back of my top tooth - the tooth directly next to my right front tooth.  There used to be a 'ridge' on the back of this tooth that I would feel with my tongue all of the time (there is an identical ridge on the opposite left tooth as well), and. when the dentist filled the small cavity on the back of the tooth, he shaved away the ridge, too.

I have, since the filling, had troubles making the "S" sound - I have definitely developed a mild lisp.  I went to a new dentist, and he said that there is nothing he can do about it - that the filling is so small to have made a difference - and that my lisp will eventually go away.

Well, it hasn't gone away! I've tried to ignore it, but, if anything, it has gotten worse.  

What caused my lisp?  How can I get rid of it?


by Jerome Tsang, DDSBlank, Dec 03, 2008
It sounds like it may have to do with the way your teeth are coming together when you speak.  A lisp is possible although if the filling is that small, it shouldn't really affect your speech significantly.  You can try to replace the missing ridge with a filling material but it may be more prone to dislodging if its significantly larger.

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by kayla276, Dec 09, 2008
Doesn't that make you mad how dentist can do about anything that affects your mouth in someway that is negative when they are suppose to be doing a good job and they get away with it all the time due to statute of limitations. Mine is 1 year for filing a claim in Ohio.

My dentist did a lousy job on my cap he recently put on and will not provide me the materials or lab that made it, the receptionist stated they cannot give this to me due to HIPAA regulations.   So I went to this site and found out she is really wrong, I mean really wrong.  Failure of a dentist to provide to a patient a copy of his/her records is unehtical. I guess this is grounds for discipline per revised code 4715.30.

I am giving her one more chance to give me the information, if she does not I am filing a complaint with the board.

I feel for you, you now have a lisp and it was the dentists fault, not yours if this is the reason you have it and did not have it before. I would see if the dentist will correct it, if he cannot correct it I would notify the State Dental Board if you are really really upset about it.