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Wisdom Teeth Removal/ Oral Thrush?
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Wisdom Teeth Removal/ Oral Thrush?

Hello! I feel I should give a little background info first.

My bottom right wisdom came in last month was causing a lot of pain. I went to the doctor (dentist was closed) and she told me I had an infection and I needed to get these removed ASAP. She gave me a prescription for clindamycin. I took this 4 times a day for 7 days. After the second day (10 pills in) I started to have weird side effects, such as problems swallowing and notice some discoloration on my tongue. I went back to the doctor and she told me I had Oral Thrush and was given a prescription nystatin and needed probiotics. I did this and everything cleared up.

Fast forward two weeks:

I got all four wisdom teeth removed. I was given a prescription of azithromycin and a methylprednisolone pack. I also was informed to rinse my mouth out with warm salt water. On the last day of the antibiotic (day 5) I noticed a weird taste and that same discoloration on my tongue. I'm also taking ortho tri cyclen (birth control) and I have been on it for almost 7 years.

I have about half of the nystatin and the probiotics (yogurt) left. I'm currently taking these again. I was informed by my mom I used to get Oral Thrush when I was younger since I was always on strong antibiotics, I'm allergic to all the "typical ones".

After this long amount of information here is my question(s) (finally, sorry):

- I know strong antibiotics/corticosteroids/birth control can cause Oral Thrush but is it this common to get it back to back?

- Should I be worried I am getting Oral Thrush? I haven't had this since I was a child and I've been on several different antibiotics in the past few years.

- I'm a healthy 24 year grad student, I do not have diabetes and I eat relatively healthy; what other recommendations do you have for me?

- Also, the dentist is not in today, should I give him a call on Monday?

and, finally

- How long does this wisdom tooth pain stay around?

Its a common side effect of stronger antibiotics so I wouldn't worry too much about it being a cause of some problem with your immune system unable to fight off an infection.  If you get oral thrush and there isn't a good reason to get it (such as medication side effects) I would recommend seeing your doctor at that point

In terms of recommendations, if it is oral thrush, a course of nystatin and probiotics should help remedy it again

You should give them a call on Monday.  They probably will tell you the same thing I did but since they know your particular case better, they may provide some more advice/insight

Wisdom teeth pain can vary.  Depends on how difficult it was to remove them.  I personally got mine out and 3 of the 4 healed up within a week in regards to pain but I had one that was a bit irritated once in a while for about 6 weeks.  That one was moving sideways so it was the more difficult one.

Thanks for the response!! I truly appreciate it!
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