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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Pain After Month Later
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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Pain After Month Later

I had my second wisdom tooth extracted about 1.5 months ago. It healed nicely in 3-4 days. It was good feeling since this wisdom tooth was really painful for months before I finally decided to take care of it. However the pain is back after a month since extraction. It feels like a sharp shooting pain. And the pain goes up the same side of my head.

I called my dentist but he's away. So my next choice was hospital emergency room. The ER doctor said it doesn't look infected but he can't see in there that well and prescribed me tylenol-3 w/ codeine 30mg and penicillin. However I have high tolerance of codeine. I took 2 every 4 hours but that didn't work. I couldn't get to sleep even with the pills! I would lay down and the pain gets very intolerable very fast so I sit back up and the pain slowly dies down. Ended up staying up all night downing pain meds. It was morning and I couldn't get to sleep so I took 4 pills and passed out however the pain was still there. I woke up 3 hours later because of the pain.

Warm salt water was good. It took the pain away almost instantly. But the pain comes back very shortly after. So I would do the salt water every 5 min or so which made my throat hurt eventually. I read clove is good for toothache. But when I read clove I read garlic for whatever reason maybe my brain shutting down. I mixed garlic w/ olive oil and added salt. Dipped a gauze and applied it the the area. This so far worked the best. And the "numbness" effect lasted at least half hour. However my mouth/breath tastes/smells so bad. I gagged last time I was spitting out the gauze. I almost puked with the gauze. When it's morning (it's 5am it looks like I'll be staying up again) I'll go buy some clove oil and see if that is better.

Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to explain my pain. Especially how exactly a successfully extracted wisdom tooth can bring pain a month after the surgery? Is this dry socket? It doesn't seem to be infected but I am not sure. Should I go see my dentist or is this something that heals itself eventually / naturally? How long would the pain last?

Please could anyone help me? I have been up 45 hours and I'm really tired.
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It sounds as though the pain is being referred from another tooth.  It's possible that there is an infection in the molar tooth next to the extraction site.

You really need to get to a dentist so it can be xrayed and evaluated.  The antibiotics the ER dr. gave you will take about three days to start to work. The salt water is a good idea to to help minimize the pain but you need a dentist's assistance for proper treatment.

GOOD LUCK.  Explain to your dentist that the infection is painful and you need an ASAP appt.

My best to you,
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