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crown on #19 moving
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crown on #19 moving

It's me again, (regarding #19 crown) put on 6 months ago. My gum pain is starting to subside and the crown seems like is starting to stay in place, ajusting itself to the gums, but the crown keeps moving sideways when I eat.  I get gaps between number 18 and 20  when this happens. #19 is the tooth the cap is on.  

I have attached pictures so you can see what I am talking about in my profile.  Why does the cap keep moving sideways left to right and right to left when I eat making gaps appear between the teeth?   It also feels like food
is still getting stuck in the gaps as I have shown in my picture attached in my profile.

When I eat the tooth gets irritated.  I decided not to go back to that dentist since he stated all teeth move.  I believe all teeth may move, but it should not be that noticable to yourself when you are eating and feel gaps between the teeth right away.  

I did go back to the dentist and he stated there is nothing wrong with this crown and it is normal for teeth to move.
He would not ajust it the day I went back, the last day I went back was December 16th.  

When he took the x-ray, he stated the nerve looks fine.   Please let me know if you can tell me what keeps causing
a crown to move and causing gaps between the teeth.  

Thanks for your advise, some of the responses I received helped alot.  I am still searching for a good prothodontist
in my area.  I've never been so confused about dentist before. Looking to find a way to get their credentials now
that I have found a few.

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i dont quite understand your problem. i have a crown that has margins that sometimes trap food and i have to carefully clean around. they are just a space where the crown ends and the gum begins where the space between sometimes gets sensitive. this is normal. crowns shouldnt move. they should be attached so they feel like normal teeth. all teeth move over long periods of time but you should not notice a change in days or while eating. theres a difference between teeth shifting ove time and being loose. go to another dentist asap!    
not related to topic.... your dogs are adorable!
Thanks  -- I hope I can find a good dentist this time.
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